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'I tried the sex toy women are falling in love with'

One woman's unexpected trip with a sex toy left her captivated.

Self-pleasure with a sex toy can be all types of things. Sexy. Steamy. Sensational. Slow. But the one unexpected word on my lips after getting to know this vibrator was beautiful. It turns out I’m not alone in my captivation. A quick check of reviews for My ilo’s Curve reveals hoards of other spellbound fans.

“It’s beautiful and thoughtful,” one woman gushed, while another praised the accessory as a “glorious creation”.

“This is my go-to vibe when I need to have a little me time,” someone else wrote, with another admitting that “I’ve fallen in love with my Curve”.

Woman hand grasping bed sheets
I reviewed the sex toy women are loving. Photo: Getty Images

The little black dress of sex toys

As chic and classic as the little black dress, this vibrator whispers nothing but elegance in her sleek white coat and velvety-soft silicone. She’s clean, crisp, understated. A minimalist’s wet dream.

But don’t mistake her simplicity for being a wallflower because when it comes to versatility, the Curve takes the cake.


While designed as an internal stimulating vibrator for that elusive g-spot action, this toy knows no bounds with her adaptable nature. Boasting an easy to hold handle, and curves in all the right places, slipping between erogenous zones is as smooth as a flick of the wrist for this sweet treat.

She's effortless and uncomplicated in a way you never knew you needed, as you move through the eight vibration patterns and watch her build. With all the control in the palm of your hand, edging yourself closer and closer is an experience like no other.

ilo’s Curve

The toy to end them all

For just beneath the on switch is a triangular button pointing up, because that’s the only place your pleasure is going.

Holding the button in, the vibrations intensify, becoming stronger and wilder by the second. It’s the kind of power rarely seen in a classic sex toy. A motor to thrill as you steadily come undone.

Like art, this sex toy is an investment piece you almost want to display on your coffee table, just without the enormous price tag. But unlike the little black dress, she’s not just a staple that belongs in a woman’s collection.

She’s the whole damn show.

As a completely waterproof toy with a 180 minute run time, I’m not really sure what more you could need. So lay back, relax and let her beauty wash over you. Literally if you fancy.

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