Hugh Grant says working with Jerry Seinfeld on “Unfrosted” was 'grrreat'

Grant plays Thurl Ravenscroft, the actor who voiced Tony the Tiger for decades.

Jerry Seinfeld may have had his challenges working with Hugh Grant, but Grant's experience on Unfrosted was truly grrreat.

Grant plays actor Thurl Ravenscroft, the longtime voice of Tony the Tiger and he had nothing but praise for Seinfeld while speaking to Entertainment Weekly.

"He's definitely grrreat," quips Grant, speaking of Seinfeld's skills as a director. "Jerry brings different things to the table. He's a brilliant comic, and he'd written a great script. He and his team are able to massage the scene and the whole time and come up with new jokes left, right, and center. He was lovely and very supportive of me."

In line with some of his later career choices, Grant says that Ravenscroft is another pompous actor, who is overly proud of his abilities. Seinfeld described the character as "a frustrated Shakespearean actor who has to play this embarrassing character to make his car payments."

"It's very Paddington 2," Grant teases. "Perhaps too much. [Ravenscroft] was a very grand theater thespian who thought all this was very beneath him. So that's really the joke of the whole thing. I do appear once or twice as Tony the Tiger, but otherwise I'm this tortured theater actor."

<p>John P. Johnson/Netflix</p> Hugh Grant in 'Unfrosted'

John P. Johnson/Netflix

Hugh Grant in 'Unfrosted'

Meanwhile, Seinfeld told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that Grant was a major headache. "We had lots of fights. He’s a pain in the ass to work with. He’s horrible,” Seinfeld recalled. “He tells you before you work with him, ‘You’re gonna hate this.’ And he’s so right.”

Though he also clarified that he and Grant were fast friends by the end of filming.  “We shot for 10 weeks, and that night that he and I had dinner — and we got drunk having dinner — that was the greatest night,” Seinfeld said. “Because he’s so cool and he’s that English thing, you know, that witty. He looks good in a jacket ... he’s one of those guys. I love those guys."

<p>John P. Johnson/Netflix</p> Hugh Grant in 'Unfrosted'

John P. Johnson/Netflix

Hugh Grant in 'Unfrosted'

Now, the only question remains whether the very British Grant is a fan of American breakfast cereals, specifically the sugar-coated Frosted Flakes promoted by Tony the Tiger.

"I don't know anything more delicious," he declares. "Except perhaps Cocoa Pops."

Unfrosted hits Netflix on May 3.

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