How to find Yahoo Lifestyle's best content now Facebook has banned us

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Here's where you can find Yahoo Lifestyle online.

You've probably heard about Facebook's snap decision overnight, to ban all local and international news from being shared among Aussie audiences.

They've done it in response to the Government's proposed Media Bargaining Code, which tried to force tech giants such as Google and Facebook to pay for media content. Instead, Facebook simply decided to remove all Australian news links from the site entirely, which means no one, including you, can share local stories with your friends, family or groups any more.

If you missed the news you can read about it here.

While it's a strange feeling to wake up to, this actually isn't the end of the world for Aussie news outlets – and there are still plenty of other ways to access your favourite content from us online.

Here’s where you can still find the best content from Yahoo Lifestyle:

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Our Facebook may be down but you can still find all the latest entertainment, royal, and lifestyle news from us on Twitter.

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We've also got you covered on our Instagram page!

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You'll still be able to find us on Google when you search 'Yahoo Lifestyle Australia' and it will take you straight to our homepage. Our stories will also feature on Google News and Google Discover. And if you simply Google some of your favourite topics like 'Married at First Sight news', 'royal news', or 'best hacks', our stories will also appear.

You can search for us here: Google 'Yahoo Lifestyle Australia'


You can also bookmark our direct homepage to check on what's making news each day.

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Yahoo Australia is also on Flipboard so you can stay up to date with the latest in news, lifestyle, sport and finance. Flipboard is a newsreader and social app that lets you follow people, topics, and publications important to you - it comes standard on many Samsung phones but you can also download the app or find it online.

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Yahoo Australia Flipboard.
Yahoo Australia Flipboard.


We've even got a banger Yahoo Australia TikTok account.

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