How Princess Mary and Prince Frederik really met: 'It wasn't random'

"I'm sorry to break everybody's hearts, but it's not always about randomly bumping into princes in pubs."

A resurfaced interview has shed some light on the night Princess Mary and Prince Frederik met, disputing the fairytale narrative that it was just a chance encounter at a pub.

Over the years, the fateful meeting has been reported as the two meeting by chance at Sydney's Slip Inn pub, with Mary having no idea who the Crown Prince was.

However, in a resurfaced interview, Mary's friend Amber Petty who was a bridesmaid at the royal couple's 2004 wedding pointed out that it wasn't a locking eyes over the bar at a crowded pub moment — the two actually met at a 'exclusive private dinner party'.

The Daily Mail reported that during a 2021 interview with Sunrise, Amber said the meeting was at a 'small' dinner during the Olympics, attended by a group of royals who were visiting Australia.

Princess Mary and Prince Frederik
Princess Mary and Prince Frederik met in 2000. Photo: Getty

"I'm sorry to break everybody's hearts, but it's not always about randomly bumping into princes in pubs," she said.

"It wasn't just a random meeting... it was an organised small dinner during the Olympics and Mary happened to be invited and most of the guests happened to be royals."


Frederik's brother Prince Joachim, Prince Nikolaos of Greece, and future King Felipe of Spain were all also in attendance at the dinner.

In 2003, a woman named Beatrice Tarnawski claimed she was the one who invited Mary to the private dinner, after meeting her through another friend who shared a flat with Mary.

Beatrice Tarnawski met Bruno Gomez-Acebo, the nephew of the then-King of Spain, who asked her to then assemble a group of friends to join them for dinner.

"Bruno wanted to go out and asked me to assemble a group of my friends, one of whom was Mary," she told The Sunday Mail newspaper.

"We went to the Slip Inn in at The Rocks where Mary and the other girls were waiting. When we walked in, Mary was one of the first girls near the door and Frederik introduced himself and said 'Hi, I'm Fred.'"

Mary has previously said when she first shook hands with Frederik, she didn't know he was the prince of Denmark.

"Half an hour later someone came up to me and said, 'Do you know who these people are'?" Mary revealed in an interview about meeting the heir to the Danish throne.

The rest is history, with the two maintaining a long-distance relationship before Mary moved to Denmark in 2001.

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