Hostie reveals what happens when passengers try to join the mile high club

Sarah Carty
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A flight attendant has revealed her secrets of the mile high club. Photo: Getty Images

It’s one of the most risqué things you can do on a plane in one of the most germ-ridden places, but according to one former hostie, passengers still have a passion for joining the mile high club.

The Sydney woman, who flew with a major long-haul airline for five years, claims flight attendants could always tell when frisky passengers were getting it on in the bathroom, because the door would always shake.

She claims there’s a real debate in the aviation industry about what it actually takes to be part of the mile high club, with some claiming you have to have met that person onboard for the first time to really join the club.

Couples who are simply after some extra loving on the way to their holiday apparently don’t qualify.

She told Yahoo Lifestyle about what happened when she was onboard a flight where two plane passengers couldn’t control their desires.

“Once we got a phone call from the manager to say come to door one please,” she said.

“He said ‘look, we’ve got a bit of a mile high situation happening in the toilet and I just want to really congratulate the happy couple when they come out’.”

They all dutifully formed a guard of honour in front of the bathroom, because the door opened out into the galley.

“We were all just lined up from one side of the galley to the other and when they opened the door to come out, we just started clapping,” she said.

“And because of how we were standing they were forced to walk through the whole crew to walk out.”

She said the woman was mortified but the man looked extremely confused and seemed concerned they were going to get into trouble.

A hostie has revealed what happened when she caught a couple joining the mile high club. Photo: Getty Images

“But at the end of the tunnel of flight attendants, the manager was standing there with this bottle of champagne and said: ‘On behalf of the crew, we’d just like to welcome you to the mile high club’ and everyone clapped again and then we all just dispersed back to our jobs. It was so totally normal to us.”

People have also taken to Reddit to share their mile-high experiences, with one person claiming they didn’t even make it to the bathroom.

“Red-eye flight. It was before 9/11 happened so flight crews weren’t nearly as vigilant. Lights went out. Everyone around us was asleep. We were spooning under a large blanket and she lifted up her skirt. Achievement unlocked,” they said.

“Was a flight home after a back country course in Mexico. Our group was the only group on board. I told a friend we should have sex in the bathroom so we could say we did and she agreed. Flight attendant knew what we were doing and just smiled as we went in. 5 minutes later we were in the seats ordering a drink,” another person said.

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