Hooters waitress slams new 'crotch string' uniform: 'Oh look, a wedgie!'

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A Hooters waitress has taken to TikTok to call out the restaurant chain’s new uniform, saying they aren’t what she agreed to wear when she was hired.

Kirsten Songer, who posts to the @theflathootersgirl TikTok account tried on the new black bikini-cut shorts on her account over a pair of grey leggings.

Hooters g-string bottom uniform
Hooters waitresses have slammed the chain's new uniform. Photo:TikTok/theflathootersgirl

“I can’t even hide the front of my leggings and oh look, a wedgie,” she said, turning around to show the camera the back of the shorts.

“There is no longer anything covered by the shorts and this is what the problem with the new shorts is.

"This is why all the Hooters girls are upset. This is not what I agreed to wear a year ago when I was hired."


Kristen’s followers were shocked by the uniform, with one person commenting: “Those are underpants. I love a cheeky short but they are not cheeky. They’re full moon.”

Kirsten Songer trying on new Hooters uniform
Kirsten Songer tried on the new shorts over a pair of leggings. Photo: TikTok/theflathootersgirl

“My thongs have more leg coverage than those,” another person commented.

“I’m so confused, where is the short? That’s not shorts,” another person said.

Kristen isn’t the one Hooters waitress to come out against the shorts, with many TikTokers who work at the chain posting videos of the uniform.

Hooters waitress Giselle Nguyen uploaded a video alongside the caption: “What’s that supposed to fit?”.

Woman tries on new Hooters shorts
'This is why all the Hooters girls are upset' she said. .Photo:TikTok/theflathootersgirl

According to The New York Post, a Hooters policy notice read: “Starting Oct. 4, all Hooters girls should wear the new shorts when working once they arrive to stores.

“The old shorts should not be worn.”

The Post claims the notice said if the women weren’t comfortable wearing the new uniform they may be transferred to a” non-image based position” or were free to resign.

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