Home and Away's most ridiculous storylines through the years

We know soap operas are generally known for their outlandish storylines but some Home and Away plots have left us open-mouthed with amazement.

I mean, it takes an imaginative writing talent to come up with these stories, but also a lot of gumption to say 'let's run with it'.

Home and Away house fire
With storylines that blow us away, here's an explosive introduction to the Home and Away plots. Photo: instagram/@homeandaway


So here are our top five picks of the craziest storylines that Home and Away have aired with over the years (and there have been some doozies!):

Selina gets kidnapped by Saul THREE times

Home and Away Selina and Saul
Selina is kidnapped three times by cult leader Saul in Home and Away. Photo: Channel 7

Religious cult leader Saul becomes obsessed with Selina and plays on the heartbreak from her miscarriage to try and convince her to join his commune. When he is unsuccessful, he kidnaps her but his own son Alex comes to her aid and Saul is jailed.

Is that the end of it? Of course not. When he is released from jail he once again kidnaps Selina and attempts a murder-suicide by setting the room they're in on fire. Selina is rescued by Joey and Jesse and Saul is assumed dead.

As Selina heads to her wedding, she doesn't take a second look at her limo driver - well she should of, because... guess who? Yes, Saul, who once again takes her hostage. Luckily, police constable Terri Garner shoots him dead when she rescues Selina - we think!

Kirsty falls in love with her sister's rapist

Home and Away Kristy and Kane
Kristy and Kane become star-crossed lovers in Home and Away after he raped Kristy's older sister Dani. Photo: Channel 7

They know that epic teen love stories work well on Home and Away but this one was the worst. Kane was a bad boy who raped Dani Sutherland one day at her home but that didn't stop Dani's younger sister Kristy falling for him. Not only that, but actively pursues her sister's rapist.

Kane was found not guilty at a trial and the couple into star-crossed lovers. Even when Kane rescued Kristy from a sexual assault, neither of them seemed to understand what Dani has been through.

Tasha only speaking Pig Latin after being washed up on the beach

Home and Away Tasha
Tasha washes up on the beach in Home and Away and is rushed to hospital. Photo: Channel 7

It was certainly a different introduction to a new character after Tasha was discovered unable to speak on the beach in Summer Bay. After trying several languages on her while she recovers in hospital, doctor and social worker Flynn Saunders works out that she only speaks pig latin.

While her backstory is that she was brought up by survivalist parents in a compound to prepare for Y2K did they really think pig latin was the easiest language to choose to speak - come on!!

Brax saves Casey who is handcuffed to a car in the middle of nowhere

Kyle and Casey Home and Away
Kyle leaves Casey for dead in the desert in Home and Away. Photo: Channel 7

The River Boys were always up to no good but when another half brother, Kyle, kidnaps Casey, handcuffs him to a car, and leaves him for dead in the middle of the desert it looks like he's a goner!

Luckily older bro Darryl, 'Brax', convinces his girlfriend Natalie to go for a drive into the desert to look for Casey and low and behold they find him. I mean the Aussie desert isn't that big is it?

A brain tumour turns John into a serial arsonist

Home and Away's John
John is uncovered as the serial arsonist in Home and Away. Photo: Channel 7

Despite being a loveable larrikin, Home and Away turned John Palmer into a serial criminal all because the poor man had a brain tumour.

One minute he's living a simple life in the bay as a surf lifesaver and managing the juice bar and the next he's blacking out and setting fire to caravans and the Summer Grooves music festival.

Luckily day surgery rids him of that pesky tumour but when he's finally sent to trial, they don't take into account his medical condition and he's found guilty and carted off to jail!

Thank goodness we don't reside in Summer Bay!

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