Home and Away's Tammin Sursok praised for 'honest' parenting story

'I was not prepared to feel lost, utter confusion, deep sadness and intense fear.'

Former Home and Away star Tammin Sursok has been praised for spreading awareness about postpartum depression. Sharing some confronting images on Instagram from a vulnerable time in her life, she described the “deep sadness and intense fear” she felt after giving birth.

Her video started with a selfie showing the star in tears, before cycling through a few snaps of how exhausted she was as a new mum. Tammin then showed a montage of good times involving her kids and getting fit, telling her fans that “it gets better”.

L: Home and Away star Tammin Sursok with her two young daughters. R: Tammin Sursok in a car after crying
Former Home and Away star Tammin Sursok has described the 'sadness' she felt as a new mum. Photo: Instagram/tamminsursok

The 39-year-old star is a proud mum to her daughters Phoenix, 9, and Lennon, 3, but it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. In her Instagram caption, she revealed just how terrifying becoming a mum was.

“The day my daughter was born was the day I changed as a person. I was not prepared for the depth of love I was about [to] experience,” she began. “I was also not prepared to feel lost, utter confusion, deep sadness and intense fear.”


The Pretty Little Liars star said she felt like a “failure” and “not good enough” because she bought into the “best time of your life” that new mothers are often pushed to accept.

“Through months of rest, therapy and community, I was able to pull myself out of a black hole, I never imagined I’d find myself in. This reel is to any new mums and mums who are navigating any different emotions — just know it gets better.”

L: Tammin Sursok hugs her daughter in the pool. R: Tammin Sursok hugs her daughter on the road
The star wanted to show fans that she overcame postpartum depression. Photo: Instagram/tamminsursok

Tammin added that others going through a tough postpartum period should ask for help and encouraged her followers not to “give up”.

“It gets better than you ever imagined it could be,” she wrote.

Fans flooded the comment section with their own postpartum experiences, with many thanking Tammin for her brutal honesty.

“This resonates so much with me. So many people told me ‘it’s the best time of your life’ when you become a mum, but instead I spent my days wishing for my old life back, crying in secret and thinking what the hell have I done. Thank you for being so honest and sharing your story, it really does get better if you just hold on,” one fan wrote.

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“First born my postpartum depression got really bad and as a single mum I knew I needed help, so my parents stepped in and I was put on medication. Very dark time and was the same with my second. Thankfully with the help of my friends, family, therapist and medication I got through it and still am today,” another admitted.

“Becoming a mum was so incredible but is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. People don’t talk about how much you change as a person and how to navigate that! I wish more people openly spoke up about PPD and maybe then I wouldn’t have felt so alone,” a third added.

Mental health support for yourself or a loved one can be found by calling Lifeline on 13 11 14, Mensline on 1300 789 978, or Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800. Online support is available via Beyond Blue.

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