Home and Away spoilers: One couple’s fate revealed and mystery character arrives in Summer Bay

Could the new arrival be related to Theo?

Xander and Dana on Home and Away
Will Xander and Dana go the distance? Photo: Seven

Home and Away films approximately five to six months in advance, meaning fans heading to Palm Beach – where they film on location – can get their hands on some pretty juicy spoilers. Case in point, the recent 'reveal' that one character could soon be expecting a baby in the bay!

A few fans have made the trek out to the Northern Beaches recently, and have taken to fan groups on Facebook to share what they saw. It looks like there’s going to be a new arrival in Summer Bay soon, Xander Delaney (Luke Van Os) and Dana Matheson’s (Ally Harris) relationship fate has been revealed, and we now know what Shane Withington is like in real life.

One fan, Danielle Constantine, made the trip to Palm Beach recently and was able to meet Shane.


“So happy to be at Palm Beach watching Home and Away filming and met with John [Palmer] (Shane Withington). He is so nice,” she gushed.

The actor, sporting his classic red lifeguard uniform, posed for a quick snap with Danielle.

A Home and Away fan with Shane Withington
Shane Withington was happy to pose for a quick photo. Photo: Facebook/Home and Away Spoilers & Info

“[We went on] Monday [at] about 10.30am. We stayed until 1.30pm,” she added. “I saw [other cast members] but they were getting changed or [having] lunch. Security [wouldn’t] let us near.”

While she didn’t manage to speak to any other actors, she said she saw Xander and Dana filming – and it looks like they’re still loved up.

“Dana and Xander [are] still together,” she said, followed by a heart emoji.

Another fan, Fiona Warwick, drove up to Palm Beach last week. While she was on location, she took a few photos of a new mystery man filming some scenes with Theo Poulos (Matt Evans).

“I made it! We didn’t join the bus tour but drove ourselves. Well worth it,” she wrote in the caption. “There were people out surfing further up the beach… meanwhile I’m from WA and rugged up like it’s below zero!”

Theo Poulos surfing on Home and Away and a mystery character
Could this new character be related to Theo? Photo: Facebook/Home and Away Spoilers & Info

Some fans theorised that the mystery man could be one of Mali Hudson’s (Kyle Shilling) brothers, while another suggested he could be related to Theo.

“Wonder who this guy is? At first, I thought maybe another of Mali’s brothers but he sort of resembles Theo, so perhaps they’re related?” a fan asked.

“Someone said he has only been filming a few weeks so we will find out in [later] months,” Fiona replied.

For those looking to catch a glimpse of the cast filming, the crew usually film on location on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. You can either make your own way there or catch a Location Tour bus from Sydney with CelebTime that will set you back $135.


Two photos from the Home and Away set
Home and Away. Photo: Facebook/Home and Away Spoilers & Info

The surf club sells a small selection of merchandise, including mugs that say “Strewth!” and “G’day from Summer Bay” on them, along with key rings, stubby holders and tote bags.


The kiosk also sells some food, like hot chips – perfect for a trip to the beach.

One Home and Away fan stayed at a caravan park nearby in Narembeen and drove to Palm Beach in the morning.

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