Home and Away's Shane Withington reveals huge spoiler: 'Disaster'

The star completed filming a 'huge' storyline last week.

Home and Away star Shane Withington, who plays John Palmer on the soap, has just revealed some massive spoilers. The actor, 64, has teased that it won’t be smooth sailing for his character this year and hints that Lynne McGranger (Irene Roberts) is involved.

Shane spilled the details when chatting with Lucas Buck and guest Tori for his Welcome To The Bay podcast on Friday. The trio were discussing fan questions when Shane accidentally let some information slip.

Two photos of Shane Withington as John Palmer on Home and Away
Home and Away's Shane Withington has dropped some hints about what John's facing this year. Photo: Seven

“I’ve just noticed that I’m covered in blood, fake blood [from filming],” he exclaimed. After apologising for “derailing” the conversation, he admitted that he had just filmed a “disaster” out on location.

“Big day today. There’s a lot [of blood], I’ve just looked at myself. I’ve just had to have a shower because I was covered in detritus [debris] from a disaster,” he spilled.


He added that Lynne’s character is involved with this storyline, calling her “a doll” and saying he “adores” his co-star. While he couldn’t say anything else due to his contract, he teased that it was a “huge day” and ‘lots of fun’.

Shane Withington as John Palmer on Home and Away talking to Emily Weir as Mackenzie Booth
According to Shane, his character is involved in a big 'disaster'. Photo: Seven

Home and Away shoots approximately five months in advance, so fans can expect the “disaster” storyline to air around July this year.

Further along in the podcast, Shane also touched on a key storyline involving himself and newcomer Kyle Shilling, who plays Mali Hudson.

“I’m not allowed to really say, but there’s a lovely jealousy thing where John gets very jealous…[of] new character Mali, he’s a beautiful young man.

“That was a real pleasure to play.”


Fans went wild over Shane’s hints, with many trying to guess what could be on the cards for John this year.

“I’m thinking maybe the diner kitchen blows up with Irene in it. And John gets her blood on him as he pulls her to safety,” one person suggested.

“I am thinking he will hitch up with Dean’s mother,” another added.

“John dies,” a third wrote, before clarifying he was just joking.

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