Home and Away romance promo backfires: 'Looks like her brother'

A gallery of some intimate moments left Home and Away fans very confused for a hot second.

Home and Away's Instagram post teasing a week of hot and heavy action backfired recently when fans got confused about which couples were pictured kissing, with many getting two pairs of siblings mixed up.

The show teased five intimate encounters between couples currently together (or getting together) in Summer Bay, but the ambiguity of some of the images left fans baffled.

Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) were pictured in the first image, but many fans did a second take as it looked like Eden was.... well, kissing her brother, Levi.

"That looks like Eden and her brother - the first photo," someone commented. "Hopefully they’re just putting their noses together and doing that hug."

"Incestuous first pic," someone else said. "Not me thinking in the first photo it was Levi and Eden 🥲 I was very confused 😂," another person laughed.

Home and Away promo shots showing two couples kissing
The Home and Away promo shots left fans very confused. Photo: Seven

"Who the hell is Eden kissing?? Defo not Cash 😢 but does look like her brother, I'm confused," another person asked. "It's Cash, why would Eden be kissing her brother for," someone replied.


A couple of people also speculated that it was Tane kissing Eden, but I think we can all safely assume it definitely was Eden's long-term partner Cash and not Tane, nor her brother.

Confusion continues for Home and Away fans

The confusion unfortunately didn't stop there sadly, because another image also had the same effect.

In the image, Xander (Luke Van Os) is seen kissing Dana (Ally Harris), except the dark image and curly hair left Home and Away fans doing another double take.

"Is that Xander kissing his sister?" someone asked, referring to Rose (Kirsty Marillier). "The last pic looks like Xander and Rose!" someone else agreed.


Others decided to give up on the younger couples and point out some more glaring plot holes.

Irene on Home and Away
Fans are ready for Irene's love story. Photo: Seven

"Marilyn needs someone, and Roo," someone commented. "About time Irene got a bit of action that doesn't end up in murder," another person pointed out.

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