Home and Away's location secrets revealed: 'Fooled me!'

Summer Bay fans have been shocked after the Home and Away social media account shared some wild industry secrets.

While many believed that Sofia Nolan (Heather) falling from the top of Iandra Castle was filmed on location, the show has admitted that it was faked.

Marilyn and Heather look scared on Home and Away
Home and Away's recent storyline had viewers on the edge of their seats. Photo: Seven

“Take a little peek at what it actually looked like to shoot that awesome moment,” the show's account wrote on Instagram.

In the video, Sofia and Emily Symons (Marilyn Chambers) are shown walking along a small ledge that is barely off the ground with a blue screen behind them.

This means that the countryside background was added in post-production by replacing the blue screen.


While it was intriguing to watch, many fans were upset by the reveal.

“What! It wasn’t even real? Okay, that’s disappointing lol,” one fan wrote.

“Sorry I refuse to believe it’s not all real,” another added.

"Wow! Fooled me!" exclaimed a third.

“I feel like I’ve been lied to,” a fan chimed in.

Two screenshots showing Home and Away's behind the scenes compared to the finished product
Many viewers were shocked to find out the sequence was shot on a blue screen. Photo: Seven

Others were fascinated by the work that went into creating such an epic sequence.

“Heck that’s so impressive!”, one wrote, with another saying: “That’s some Star Wars level stuff there.”

“Stepping up your game Home and Away, bloody amazing! It was always quite easy to tell when a screen was used [in the past], but this and Dean’s accident looked 100% real. Love your work,” a third gushed.

“I knew she didn’t fall from the building but this definitely didn’t look like a green [or blue] screen, this looked real,” another remarked.

Although the conclusion to Heather and Marilyn’s storyline was generally well-received, some fans took the chance to point out potential plot holes.

“I’m sorry but for her to walk away and be okay was ridiculous. Nobody would survive a fall like that,” a fan said.

“I do think after Heather’s fall it should have been more realistic,” added another.

“Maz should have just pulled away instead of stepping up with her,” a third commented.

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