Home and Away finale leaves fans confused by mysterious phone number

Last night's finale saw not one, but two lives hanging in the balance.

If you watched the marathon episode of Home and Away last night, chances are you may have been left a little confused by the very dramatic ending.

With not one, but two lives hanging on the line in a dramatic murder attempt and a double kidnapping, Home and Away fans will need to wait until next year to find out if Remi and Eden will survive.

Remi was hit on his motorbike by two random men drinking and driving on the highway, with the men declaring him dead and loading him up in the back of their car.

In a true horror movie moment, Eden, who was out camping with Cash, woke up in the night to go to the bathroom, only to stumble across the men digging a grave. One spotted her, knocked her out, and loaded her into the back of the car where she woke up to find herself face-to-face with Remi who was either unconscious or... dead.

Eden's missing poster Home and Away
Home and Away put out a desperate call to find Eden. Photo: Seven

The episode ended with a mysterious phone number flashing up on the screen, with Cash also putting out a video recording to the public, pleading with them to help him find Eden.


What's on the other end of the line? 'Just weird'

Some Home and Away fans have called the mysterious number depicted and reported back to those curious.

"If you ring the number, you hear what Cash says to her on his voice message that he left," one Home and Away fan said after dialling the number.

"It's just weird to have an 1800 to call," one fan pointed out, given I guess that it's 2023 and the last time many of us used an 1800 call was to vote on the '00s Australian Idol.

"Mine said the number has been disconnected!" another fan said. "When I rang, it was engaged, so I would say a lot of people tried haha," another fan said.

"I've called it like 10 times haha soon they're gonna tell me to stop calling," another eager fan said.

Other fans pointed out that while the finale ended with a lot of focus on Eden missing in the upcoming episodes in 2024, there was no wild search for Remi being shown as a teaser for next year.

Is Remi dead?

Fans of the soap are pretty convinced this isn't actually the end for Remi, with Adam Rowland spotted filming scenes for next year's season. Real Remi or Ghost Remi? We'll have to wait until Home and Away's back on January 8 to know for sure.

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