Home and Away fans point out bizarre details in 2024 return episode

Viewers were clearly divided over the dramatic episode.

Following weeks of anticipation heightened by a controversial marketing strategy, Home and Away fans finally learned the fate of Remi Carter and Eden Fowler during Monday night’s return episode.

Last year’s season finale left viewers questioning whether Remi was still alive after two men knocked him off his motorcycle with their car and attempted to bury his body in a campsite.

Home and Away’s Cash Newman searching for his girlfriend Eden Fowler.
Home and Away’s 2024 return episode saw Cash Newman kick off a search party to try and find his girlfriend Eden Fowler. Photo: Channel Seven

Eden, who was camping nearby, stumbled across the men digging a hole in the middle of the night before being knocked unconscious and kidnapped alongside Remi.

Monday night’s episode finally revealed what happened next for the pair of best friends, with Eden’s boyfriend Cash Newman kicking off a search party in the hopes of finding her in the remote bushland.


Meanwhile, she is being held captive in a remote property trying to persuade the two men to spare Remi, who is confirmed to still be alive.

Eden ends up convincing her captors to take Remi to the hospital, however, she isn’t allowed to leave the property herself as the men believe she will work out their identities.

Home and Away’s Eden Fowler.
Eden convinced her captors to take Remi to the hospital but wasn’t allowed to leave the property herself. Photo: Channel Seven

Fans point out bizarre details

Taking to social media following the dramatic episode, viewers were clearly divided over where the storyline was going.

Some fans described the season return as “boring” and “a bit ho-hum” while pointing out a handful of details that didn’t seem to make much sense with Cash’s search party.

“Why hasn’t he noticed the loo paper missing, how many rolls did they have?” one person remarked, while another added, “Why hasn’t he noticed the lamp missing? And isn’t that the first thing they ask you is, is anything else missing from the campsite?”.

“I thought you had to wait 24 hours before a person is reported missing. The search party got there pretty quickly lol,” someone else said, followed by a different user who replied, “What an absolute load of crap!”.

“So Leah is still recovering from the trauma of being kidnapped and now Eden has been kidnapped. Too many kidnappings in Summer Bay!” one fan shared.

However, plenty of fans were thrilled to have Home and Away back on their screens and wished it was a double-episode premiere.

“Loving having Home and Away back,” one person commented, with another writing, “So nice to be back to normal tonight”.

“Welcome back Home and Away, it was soooo good and intense, loved it, can't wait till tomorrow night,” a third replied.

“So exciting for a great new year and wonderful stories, lovely to see all those wonderful actors again,” someone else said, followed by another who agreed, “They did an excellent job I liked it very much. Thanks for putting on this episode it was very entertaining and well done”.

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