Home and Away 2024: All of the big storylines set to take over Summer Bay

From Leah and Justin's wedding to Remi and Bree's split, here's what to expect in the new year for Summer Bay.

If you're ready for Home and Away to be back on our TV screens, the good news is, the wait isn't as long as usual, with the show coming back January 8, 2024.

With last season leaving fans on a huge cliffhanger of whether Remi or Eden were going to survive a hit-and-run and kidnapping, the show's 2024 promo is filled with tiny hidden easter eggs hinting at new drama for all of our faves in the bay.

The promo - teamed with what some eagle-eyed fans have spotted on-set as the show has continued filming - has led us to collate the list of the following potential 2024 storylines.

Fans want to see Felicity and Tane back together in 2024. Photo: Seven
Fans want to see Felicity and Tane back together in 2024. Photo: Seven

Warning! The below post contains spoilers, so keep reading at your own risk.

What to expect from Home and Away in 2024:

Leah and Justin finally tie the knot

Leah and Justin have been through their fair share of drama throughout their relationship, but Ada Nicodemou who plays Leah told Yahoo Lifestyle fans should expect something "big" for Leah in 2024.


"It will be another big year for Leah but I think there’s a lot more joy in her life this year and the fans may finally get what they have been asking for a while…" Ada teased.

The Summer Bay crew go regional

Perhaps in line with Leah and Justin's wedding, a member of the show's crew was spotted putting up an Instagram story filming in NSW's beautiful Hunter Valley wine region, and Shane Withington who plays John Palmer also had this very interesting tweet.

Turn this one into a reality show we say.

Dana and Xander start dating

Xander hasn't been super lucky in love since his arrival in the Bay, but now that Dana's settled into town things look to be changing.

Xander and Dana Home and Away kiss on the beach
Xander and Dana, (played by Luke Van Os and Ally Harris) were spotted filming an intimate scene in November. Photo: https://www.backtothebay.net/

The two were spotted filming intimate scenes on set and the 2024 promo also showed the pair looking cosy.

Bree and Remi split

Uh-oh — despite everything these two have been through together, it looks as though Bree and Remi are headed to splitsville — assuming he survives his 2023 motorbike accident and kidnapping, that is.

Bree, played by Juliet Goodwin, was spotted kissing a mystery man in Summer Bay. Fans are pretty certain Remi doesn't die in the 2023 cliffhanger as Adam Rowland who plays Remi was also spotted shooting scenes for 2024.

Bree home and away kisses newcomer
Bree was spotted kissing a new man that isn't Remi. Photo: Supplied

Things heat up between Levi and Mac

With Dr Levi coming into the Bay and working closely with Mac to help her with her heart issue, it looks like things will begin heating up for the pair... at least, if the 2024 sneak peek promo is anything to go by.

The promo shows the two sitting and holding hands, and also kissing — but is it real life, or is Mac having an induced coma dream?

Home and Away's Mackenzie and Levi share a kiss
Home and Away's Mackenzie and Levi. Photo: Seven

Well, it won't be long until we find out — Home and Away is back on our screens January 8, at 7pm.

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