'Rude' detail derails woman's bikini photo: 'Wasn't expecting it'

Marni Dixit
·Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
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TikTok user Madi Marotta has shared a hilarious photo of herself from the beach which accidentally features a seemingly very rude detail.

While posing for a photo in Miami's South Beach, a woman behind her changed the whole look of the picture into something that appeared much more X-rated.

A surprising detail in a TikTok user's bikini photo has made the photo seem much more X-rated than intended. Photo: TikTok/@MadiMarotta

Taking to TikTok, Madi explained what happened, writing: "I tried to take a cute pic on South Beach and this lady’s arm makes me look like my peen is hanging out. Enjoy."


In the video, which has since been viewed over four and a half million times and has over 12,000 comments, Madi reveals how she was posing on the beach, when a woman behind her moved so her arm was in the perfect position to make it look like she had an extra appendage.

Commenters thought the whole thing was hilarious, with one user writing: "I wasn't expecting it to be that bad!"

Arm in the wrong spot on a TikTok video
The photo was ruined after a woman's arm ended up in the wrong spot... Photo: TikTok/@MadiMarotta

"Reminder: don't take pictures in front of people's arms. OK, got it," another joked.

"It lines up perfectly!" someone else wrote.

"It even has the same tan as you!" another said.

"Best TikTok I've seen, thank you," one added.

"This is way funnier than I anticipated it to be," someone else said.

Others suggested captions like, "Just hanging out on the beach," while some suggested ways for her to remove the arm from the photo so she could post it anyway.

In another video, Madi explained that a friend managed to edit all the people out of the background of the photo but it didn't look quite right so she didn't post it to Instagram, choosing to instead share another photo from the day.

Madi Marotta beach photo
Madi shared an edited version, but it still didn't look quite right, so she decided not to post the photo to her Instagram feed. Photo: TikTok/@MadiMarotta

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