'Hideous' $215,000 wedding dress roasted online

Picking the perfect wedding dress is never an easy task but one woman has been absolutely roasted online for her feathered gown.

Pictures of the unidentified woman’s dress was posted to a shaming Facebook group, where commenters savaged the gown, with one person comparing it to an oversized feather duster.

But it seems like the bride would disagree with the haters, as she’s listed it for sale on Facebook for $215,000.

This bride's wedding dress has been savaged online. Photo: Facebook

“This dress was personally designed by me and made by one of New York’s upcoming designers,” the woman wrote in her ad.

“Id anyone is interested, please DM me serious inquiries only.”

Since the bride’s ad was reported to the wedding shaming Facebook group, it’s received over 1,200 comments from people gobsmacked at how much she’s asking for it.

“Just more proof that many people have more money than taste. I wouldn’t pay 1/100th of that price for the dress,” one person said.

The bride is now selling it on Facebook for $215,000. Photo: Facebook

Others called her ‘deluded’ and said the dress looks like it has a ‘tinfoil top and fake feathery fleece on the bottom’.

“ I don't think the word hideous actually fully portrays my feelings,” one person said.

“Wrong in every way for the body shape of this lady. I'd be devastated if looked back at photos and saw this of my wedding dress.”

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