Hey Hey It's Saturday child star Nathan Cavaleri unrecognisable on TikTok

You may know Nathan Cavaleri as the cute guitar-playing kid who frequented Hey Hey It’s Saturday in the '90s, but you'd hardly recognise him these days.

The talented Aussie is all grown up and his once dark brown hair has been replaced by light, beachy waves.

After 30 years in the spotlight, music is still alive in Cavaleri’s life and he's taken to TikTok to discuss his career, and share teasers of future music releases.

In his early life, Cavaleri was diagnosed with leukaemia and with the help of Starlight Foundation met his idol, Mark Knopfler of rock band Dire Straits.

Nathan Cavaleri as a young man. 3 images. Source: TikTok/@nathancavaleri, Getty Images
Nathan Cavaleri grew up on our TV screens. Source: TikTok/@nathancavaleri, Getty Images


From there, Cavaleri says he “went from busking to touring with a couple of locals”, before releasing his first record at age 10, joking that his “first single was about a stripper and nobody realised”.

At age 12, Cavaleri signed a record deal with the King of Pop Michael Jackson and later toured with Blues pioneer B.B. King, who described him as the “future of the Blues”.

Cavaleri also briefly explored an acting career in his childhood, appearing alongside David Hasselhoff in an episode of Baywatch. Joking about the experience in his TikTok video, the musician says he “tried acting, stopped trying”.

Nathan Cavaleri as an adult - 3 images. Source: TikTok/@nathancavaleri
Despite some bumps in the road, Cavaleri is still making music as an adult. Source: TikTok/@nathancavaleri

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing for the former child star, as he began to experience difficulties in his career, taking a hiatus from performing in the late ‘90s early 2000s.

The musician explains that he “lost his way”, telling TikTok viewers that he “experimented a little too much, face-planted, experienced loss, crashed, and burned”. He says that he “danced with a few demons”, calling the experience “scary”.

But, the musician's adult years haven't been all bad. Cavaleri also proudly shared a photo of his wife Amy, and video footage of his two children.

And the best part for fans? He also revealed in subsequent TikTok videos that he is currently recording a brand new blues and roots album, describing his new sound as “indie” and “alternative”.

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