Heroic Husky in Indiana Credited with Saving Mom From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

A beautiful Husky dog by the name of Luna was adopted just six months ago in Marion, Indiana and she's all ready proving herself to be man's best friend. This incredible dog alerted her family to high levels of carbon monoxide in an apartment they had recently moved into.

The most remarkable part? Luna alerted her owner even before the carbon monoxide detector sounded the alarm.

Samantha Griffin adopted two-year-old Luna from the Speedway Animal Rescue and they told her at the time that if Luna was returned back to the shelter she would have to be euthanized.

WRTV reports, "Last June, Griffin moved into a new apartment complex on 54th and Prestwick Square in Marion.Weeks later Griffin said her water heater started leaking leading to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in her apartment."

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The article goes on to explain that Griffin wasn't feeling well. "I had a migraine, so I went into my room and was resting like I normally do and she was not going to let me sleep," Griffin said."

Luna knew something was wrong.

"If she hadn't gotten me outside, I would fallen asleep in here like completely fallen asleep and probably wouldn't have woke up," Griffin said.

Griffin goes on to explain, "I grabbed all the kids that were in the house and called maintenance, the fire department and found very very high levels of carbon monoxide."

How amazing that Luna just knew something was wrong and alerted her owner. So how. exactly, are dogs able to do things like this? Carbon monoxide is odorless and tasteless which is why you have carbon monoxide detectors in your house.

Can Dogs Detect Carbon Monoxide?

Even though carbon monoxide is odorless to humans and dogs, dogs can sense changes in their environment and alert humans to potential dangers.

Whole Dog Journal explains, "While there are reports of dogs refusing to go back into a home with carbon monoxide in it, it’s not because of the smell. It’s more likely those dogs are reacting to how awful they felt when they were inside versus how they feel outside in fresh air."

Maybe Luna was reacting to her owner sleeping and Luna sensed something was wrong.

Wag explains that dogs are a lot more susceptible to carbon monoxide poisoning than humans, and the first sign that your dog is being affected by carbon monoxide is a sleepy, lethargic, or tired pup. Carbon monoxide poisoning is known for making people and animals weak and sleepy, so if you notice your dog behaving this way, make sure you act fast.

It's also common for dogs to have reddened gums or skin, experience stomach issues, lack coordination, trip, fall, and stumble, as well as experience collapse and shock-like symptoms. If you notice your dog going through any of these symptoms, get him or her to the vet immediately.

We aren't exactly sure how this smart Husky knew something was wrong and got her family out of their house, but we are sure glad she did!