Here's How Each Zodiac Sign Shows They're Into You

Dating can be tricky. Between the endless swiping on dating apps and the hustle of daily life, finding someone who makes sparks fly is no easy task. The dating scene can be confusing, and figuring out if someone likes you isn't always straightforward. From soulmates to twin flames to bad synastry matches, it takes time to find the one. And everyone has their own way of showing interest in a potential partner. That's why knowing how each zodiac sign displays their romantic interest is helpful. Curious to see if your crush is into you? Find their zodiac sign below to see if they're totally down bad for you.

How Each Zodiac Sign Shows They're Into You

Aries Like to Make the First Move

Aries don't hold back—they go after what they want without hesitation! You'll know they're attracted to you because they'll be shouting it from the rooftops. They love having fun and will want to take you along for the ride.

Taurus Will Spoil You With Affection

Taurus isn't especially vocal about their affections, but they are romantics. If a Taurus is attracted to you, expect them to wine and dine you. They might give you small gifts or do little acts of service. Taurus is sensual and will find any excuse to show physical affection.

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Gemini Will Tease and Flirt With You

Gemini is playful and flirty. If a Gemini is attracted to you, they'll make flirty jokes and ask you lots of questions to get to know you. They value intelligence and conversation, so they'll initiate deep discussions to keep the chemistry alive. If they're talkative around you, they feel comfortable letting loose.

Cancer Will Pay Attention to the Details

Cancer remembers the little things and takes their time to learn what you like or dislike. You'll know they're attracted to you when they try to understand who you are. They pay attention to small details and ensure you're always comfortable. They'll prioritize you in their day and might invite you into their cozy home space.

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Leo Will Shower You With Compliments

Leo loves words of affirmation and will shower you with compliments and roses. You'll know a Leo is attracted to you because they'll constantly tell you how amazing you are. They love showing off their affection by posting about you on social media and adore it when you return the favor.

Virgo Will Start Planning Your Life Together

Virgo is generally reserved, but you'll know they're attracted to you when they start to let loose and show their witty side. They might play hard to get because they want to see if you're in it for the long haul. You'll know they're interested when they start to share their deeper side and perform small acts of service like getting you a coffee.

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Libra Will Introduce You to Their Friends

You'll know a Libra loves you when they want to spend time with you. These social butterflies have friends and plans every day of the week, and they don't like to slow down. If they're into you, they'll act charming and flirty and invite you to everything. They value quality time, so if a Libra puts in the effort to spend more of their day with you, rest easy—they like you.

Scorpio Will Act a Little Jealous

Scorpios are notoriously private. When a Scorpio shares their deep thoughts and secrets with you, it means they're attracted to you. They love bonding deeply and will want to know all your darkest secrets. Scorpios can be protective and jealous, so if you're picking up that vibe, know they're infatuated!

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Sagittarius Will Take You on an Adventure

Sagittarius is the life of the party! If they're smitten with you, they'll be all smiles and laughs. Sagittarius is honest and will tell you if they're into you. They won't commit unless they know you're a perfect fit, so expect them to take you on adventures to test the chemistry.

Capricorn Will Make You Their Main Priority

Capricorns have high expectations for relationships and don't settle for second best. They take it slow, which might leave you wondering, but if they're taking their time, it means they're attracted to you and see potential for a long-term relationship. They’ll start including you in their future plans, making sure you know how important you are to them.

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Aquarius Will Ask You on a Second Date

If you haven't been ghosted after a date with an Aquarius, they're into you. This independent air sign never follows expectations and can be very selective about who they date. You have a good chance with this sign if you're a unique and rebellious type who likes to subvert normal relationship conventions. They might act a bit aloof, but if they ask you out again, it's a clear sign they're interested.

Pisces Will Be Totally Obsessed With You

Pisces are hopeless romantics. If they see forever with you, they're head over heels. They'll tell you how much they adore you and see your best qualities. Expect roses, songs, and lots of affection. They'll want to spend all their time with you if they can, always dreaming up new ways to show their love.

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