Here's what the 'Por que no los dos' girl' looks like today

The young girl who uttered Old El Paso’s famous catchphrase ‘Por que no los dos?’ looks completely unrecognisable now.

Mia Agraviador was only six years old when she appeared in the adverts which aired in Australia and New Zealand 16 years ago.

L: Mia as a child saying 'Por que no los dos', R: Mia as an adult saying 'Por que nos los dos'
Mia appeared in a Koala advertisement with her famous catchphrase, "Por que no los dos'. Photo: Old El Paso & Koala

The Spanish phrase translates to ‘Why not both?’, which quickly gained popularity as a meme, and is still used today when people need to make a decision.

Mia, 22, now works as a barista in Sydney and no longer has the recognisable short bob she sported as a child.


Her Instagram bio shows that she’s proud of her past role, reading: “Yep! I’m the ‘Porque No Los Dos’ Taco Girl.”

She hasn’t completely shied away from the spotlight, and has revisited her famous catchphrase in advertising campaigns for other companies, like Koala.

In 2020, the star opened up to SBS about the attention she received from the Old El Paso’s adverts, saying that she had no idea what was going to happen.

Mia in an interview for SBS, her hair is in two plaits
The star no longer has the short bob she had as a child. Photo: SBS

“I just went in there to have a fun time, I had no clue that it was going to happen. And even, I feel like the company didn’t even really know, as well,” she explained.

Mia went on to say that she felt ‘a lot of pressure’, but she found a way to get through her hard teenage years by pouring herself into dance.

While initially she was 'ashamed' to be known as 'Taco girl', she has now fully embraced it.

She’s grateful for her appearance in the advert, saying that it has brought ‘positive experiences’ to her life, and opened up some doors for her.

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