The "Guts" Tour Is In Full Swing — Here Are Some Of Olivia Rodrigo's Best Looks From Her Shows

As you may know, Olivia Rodrigo has been touring around the world for her second studio album, Guts.

Olivia Rodrigo is smiling at the camera on the red carpet, wearing a sparkly, sleeveless dress
Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for MTV

The tour, which sold out in days after tickets were released, kicked off in late February and runs through mid-October. So far, she's performed in cities across the US and Europe and will continue to do so before completing the last legs of the tour in Asia and Australia this fall.

Olivia Rodrigo performing on stage, raising one arm, wearing a studded black outfit and fishnet stockings. Her band is playing in the background
Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Live Nation

In addition to her performances, the internet has been loving Olivia's iconic tour outfits. In particular, her themed encore shirts have caught the eyes of fans, and now they're becoming a signature part of her concerts.

That said, here are Olivia's best looks from the Guts tour:


Olivia Rodrigo performs on stage, singing into a microphone. She wears a sparkly crop top, matching skirt, and fishnet stockings

Olivia stunned everyone in this silver bedazzled skirt set. Paired with black fishnet tights, metallic eyeshadow, and a silver jewelry stack, this look is incredible.

Samir Hussein / Getty Images for LIVE Nation


Olivia Rodrigo performs on stage wearing a black leather bra, black shorts, and fishnet stockings, flanked by backup dancers in pink outfits

Here, Olivia wore another two-piece set with fishnets, but this time in glossy black. Complete with her signature Dr. Martens, you can just feel the angst emanating from her outfit. Since her dancers were in hot pink, Olivia stood out on stage as a true punk-pop princess.

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Acrisure Arena


Twitter: @ortourupdates

Olivia has worn many encore shirts during the tour so far — this one says "Dump Him," which is so perfectly on theme for her album. It's also an ode to that iconic Britney Spears shirt, which makes it even better.


Twitter: @kwprime

The tweet says it all.


Olivia Rodrigo performs on stage wearing a sparkling silver crop top and matching skirt with fishnet stockings, holding a microphone stand and singing passionately

This outfit is really similar to the other bedazzled set, but way better, in my opinion. It's just way more sparkly and screams pop star.

Michael Blackshire / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images


Olivia Rodrigo performs on stage, holding a microphone. She wears a sleeveless top with "Carrie Bradshaw AF" text and sparkly shorts

Wearing a shirt that says "Carrie Bradshaw AF" while singing about failed romances is indeed so Carrie.

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Live Nation


Twitter: @DailyRodrigo

Olivia also wore a shirt that said "Please don't stay in touch," which is a reference to Lily Allen's song, "Fuck You." She is clearly the queen of subtle references.


Olivia Rodrigo on stage holding a red megaphone and microphone, wearing a white tank top and sequined shorts


Twitter: @OliviaRodrigoHQ

Same, girl.


Olivia Rodrigo on stage, wearing a sparkling red romper and sheer star-patterned tights, holding a microphone with one arm raised

Olivia wore this red, metallic romper with star-patterned tights, and it made me want to do the same. So random, but this shade of red reminded me of Katniss Everdeen in her Red Flame suit, so I think that adds to the romper's appeal.

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for Acrisure Arena


Twitter: @charlenelydon

This has to be one of my favorite encore shirts she's worn. "Every guy I like is Gaelic," pokes fun at lyrics from her song "Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl." This is so good. I would totally wear this, too, if I wrote that song.


Olivia Rodrigo performing on stage in a sequined outfit with fishnet tights, holding a microphone. The audience and starry visuals are visible in the background


Twitter: @DailyRodrigo

An AMC Theaters x Olivia Rodrigo crossover was not on my 2024 bingo card, but I love it anyway. "We come to this place for magic" alludes to Nicole Kidman's commercial with the movie theater chain, and this just really proves how funny Olivia is. 12 out of 10 obsessed.

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