Here's what the girl from The Ring looks like now: 'Can't believe it'

The horror film The Ring was released in 2002, leaving viewers absolutely terrified by the iconic character Samara Morgan.

Daveigh Chase took on the creepy role at just 12 years old, known for wearing a filthy white dress with long, dark hair covering her face.

Two photos of Daveigh Chase as Samara Morgan in The Ring film
Daveigh Chase played Samara Morgan in the horror film The Ring. Photo: DreamWorks Pictures

The film was a US remake of the Japanese film Ring and starred Aussie legend Naomi Watts. The plot revolves around a scary videotape that kills anybody who watches it seven days later.

The child star had adults cowering in their seats as she climbed out of the TV during the film, and even won MTV’s Best Villain in 2003 for her performance.


In her acceptance speech, she got close to the microphone before uttering one of her character’s chilling lines: “Everyone will suffer.”

Now, the 32-year-old looks completely unrecognisable from one of her biggest roles. She now has bangs and changes her hair often, trying out blonde and auburn hues.

The star has a nose ring and often poses with a cigarette on social media, proving that she’s not the young girl viewers remember from the film.

Daveigh Chase in a red outfit
The star may have taken a break from acting, with no confirmed projects in the pipeline. Photo: Instagram/daveighc

Daveigh seems to be a big animal lover as she constantly shares photos of her cats and dogs.

The Lilo and Stitch actress has continued with her acting career, starring in Without A Trace and a handful of independent films.

The last entry on her IMDB shows her voice acting for the video game Let It Die in 2016.

Although it has been 20 years since The Ring was released, fans still link her to the character Samara.

Her social media posts are full of comments from people who love the film.

“Oh my God Samara Morgan, I am [a] huge fan ma’am since my childhood,” one fan wrote.

L: Daveigh Chase with her kitten. R: Daveigh Chase looking at the camera with her hand on her head
The star often posts snaps with her pets. Photo: Instagram/daveighc

“Do people that you know ever say, ‘Hey aren’t you the girl from The Ring?’,” asked another.

“I can’t believe it. She is Samara Morgan,” a third chimed in.

“Omg you grew up to be FREAKING BEAUTIFUL. You were the girl I fear[ed] in movies and now I adore you so much,” another added.

Sadly, the star's personal life has taken a turn for the worse as the Daily Mail reported in 2019 that she was arrested for an unknown cause.

The publication also notes that Daveigh was previously arrested for 'possession of a controlled substance' the year before, and has had 'multiple brushes with the law'.

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