'Why?': Fans baffled by Helena Christensen's swimsuit video

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Helena Christensen has once again left fans baffled after uploading a video to her Instagram page.

The 54-year-old former supermodel has been uploading videos from the snow, where she has been donning her swimsuit to take a dip in ice cold lakes.

Actress Helena Christensen attends Tribeca Ball Benefiting New York Academy Of Art at New York Academy of Art on April 08, 2019 in New York City.
Helena Christensen has stunned fans with her latest video. Photo: Getty Images

Her latest video sees her in a blue one-piece, where she completely immerses herself in the chilly water.

“You wanted full immersion” she captioned the video.

Many fans praised the star for having the motivation to fully immerse herself in the water, while others were left puzzled by the video.


“Why do you do that?” one person simply asked.

“When did you start doing this? Does it get any easier?,” a commenter asked, to which Helena replied: ‘4-5 years ago - I mean freezing water is freezing water but you kind of get obsessed I guess.”

Helena Christensen in a blue swimsuit
The supermodel immersef herself in an ice cold lake. Photo: Instagram/Helena Christensen
Helena Christensen in a blue swimsuit in the lake
Fans were left puzzled by her video. Photo: Instagram/Helena Christensen

“What are the benefits of ice water immersion? I see lots of people doing it these days,” another fans asked.

Helena replied, writing: ”A dip in some cold water boosts blood circulation, metabolism, immune system, reduces stress, boosts oestrogen and testosterone production, it enhances mood and burns calories.”

Another fan asked: “Who the hell asked her for full immersion?!Jeez, I hope camera person also holds a full length heated robe for you.”

Helena again replied, writing: “My brain asked me”.

Helena Christensen in an ice lake
Helena said she's been doing it for four or five years. Photo: Instagram/Helena Christensen

Back in 2017, Helena spilled her beauty secrets to Hello! Magazine, revealing how she maintains her youthful glow.

"Get enough sleep - that is the number one. It's a cliché, but it's true. And I don't drink enough water, so I am always trying to force myself. What else can you do?

"Masks - I love masks. I will wear them all day, go from one to another and let them hydrate my skin if I am at home working, but especially if I am on a plane.

“I do not even know what happens to your skin up there. When you are about to land and your water bottle is crunched up, I mean that is literally what is happening to your intestines - horrible.”

Helena is one of the most successful models in the world, landing one of her first ever campaigns was with Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel in 1989.

She went on to appear in Chris Isaak's Wicked Games video in 1991 and became one of the original supermodels, alongside Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Linda Evangalista.

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