'All I see is a midlife crisis': Heidi Klum, 46, cops flak for risqué topless shot

Heidi Klum is living her best newlywed life on her Italian honeymoon with husband Tom Kaulitz.

But her topless photos flooding people’s Instagram feeds aren’t leaving everyone filled with marital bliss.

In fact, two of her recent risqué photos have followers calling the 46-year-old out for being a poor role model, and even suggesting that she’s going through a midlife crisis.

The first of the two most recent photos was posted to her social media on Sunday, and featured Klum holding up a flimsy towel, which left her chest exposed.

“All I see is WATER,” the supermodel captioned her photo.

However, one commenter was quick to write, “All I see is a midlife crisis.”

Another said, “It’s getting too crazy with her,” after Klum had already posted multiple other scantily clad pictures. But, the supermodel wasn’t done.

On Monday, she followed the topless photo with a snap of her backside in a bikini with her morning cup of coffee. Again, the picture drew in hundreds of responses, many of which were unflattering.

“Enough already. Good for you you are married again and again,” one commented.

“Good role model for their children…NOT! Why is she half naked on every other picture?” questioned another.

Still, Klum’s fans came to her defence to deem the model as “body goals” and encourage her to “let the nasty comments just bounce off.”

“Well, if that’s a bad figure, then what’s a good one,” one person wrote. Another added, “Still a very pretty woman with a very good figure.”

At the very least, it’s obvious that Klum isn’t bothered by the criticism as she continues to travel around Italy on a yacht with her new hubby.

Words by Kerry Justich

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