Women Are Calling Guys Out For The Things They've Found In Their Bedroom, And Sheesh, Guys Need To Do Better

Women Are Calling Guys Out For The Things They've Found In Their Bedroom, And Sheesh, Guys Need To Do Better

I recently wrote a post about things women learned about men after moving in with them, my jaw was on the floor while reading most of the comments. I decided to once again ask the women of the BuzzFeed Community another question about guys — this time about things they've seen in a guy's room that was either a red or green flag. Once again, I cracked up (and was appalled) at some of the things these ladies shared. Here is what some had to say:

A messy bedroom with clothes and shoes scattered on the floor, unmade bed, and personal items around

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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1."I met this cute guy and went home with him after a couple of dates. His whole apartment was so dirty and full of trash you couldn’t even walk through, but what really got to me were the beauty products and make-up lying around in the bathroom, obviously not used in a long time. The amount of dust and dirt on them made me realize they must have been from his ex-girlfriend, with whom he broke up TWO years ago."

Assorted makeup products and tools on a bathroom counter, including brushes, a comb, and cosmetics
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2."It wasn’t one thing but MANY things. I walked into his place for the first time and it was like I walked into an episode of hoarders. Trash everywhere, stacks of food cans, garbage bags, and two FULL litter boxes with MULTIPLE cats running around. It was sheer tomfoolery. He then proceeded to play a piano that I couldn't even see because of all the trash. I RAN my ass the hell out of there."

—Shay, 36

3."Green flag: He had a picture of his dog on his nightstand."


4."I consider it a red flag if a man doesn’t have any books by women authors. It shows a lack of curiosity or interest in other perspectives."

—Paige, 39

5."Everything seemed normal enough. Things weren't super decorated, which is fine, no mattress-on-the-floor kind of crap either, but as soon as I saw a sticker on the side of his computer tower of a cartoon girl in a skimpy swimsuit with giant tits? Lost all interest. Just no."


6."I had gone out on a few dates with a nice guy. He was attentive, charming, well-dressed, and fairly intelligent. I watched him play in a softball tournament, and he asked if I would mind stopping at his place so he could change before going out to dinner. It was fairly safe so far. I stepped into his place, and I swear the city dump was cleaner. Dirty dishes and pans were stacked high on the kitchen counter, and the sink was overflowing with dirty dishes, numerous pizza boxes and empty beer cans on the coffee table, and dirty clothes everywhere. He looked right at me and said, 'Feel free to start cleaning up around here while I change.' He seemed surprised when he came out of the bedroom, and I hadn’t moved. Told him I wasn’t his mommy and asked him to take me home. I noped right out of that relationship!

A kitchen sink filled with various dirty dishes including plates, cups, and utensils


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7."He had bookshelves filled with nonfiction books, organized by topic, with one small section: 'books I haven’t read yet.' Omg! My clothes couldn’t come off fast enough."


8."Swords. Two of my exes had real swords on display."

—Betty, 21

9."He had a hunting knife above his bed. I’ve made some dumb decisions, but I even NOPED out of there quickly."


10."Men are interesting creatures. I’ve probably seen it all! This one man I dated was extreme. No shoes allowed in the house, he vacuumed every day, and had the cleaning lady over every week. His clothes in his closet were perfectly organized, and the hangers could not touch. Hanging on the wall in his bedroom was a life-sized black and white portrait of his gorgeous nude physique! He worked out daily, ate a special diet, got facials, whitened his teeth, etc. He was extremely proud of his appearance and wanted the self-portrait to show himself at what he considered 'self-perfection.' Also, I’ll add that this photo was taken before everyone airbrushed and modified themselves in pictures."


11."In his apartment, he bought pheromone calming diffusers for his cat because he was told they would make her transition into the new apartment (he had recently moved in) easier. I thought that was the sweetest thing. We have now been married for five years."


12."It was the bathroom for me. Not only was it a disgusting mess in all the usual ways: beard hair everywhere, unclean, and products haphazardly piled everywhere, but THERE WAS NO SOAP! I found empty soap boxes but no soap to wash my hands. This was after we had 'touched.' I went home and immediately showered."


13."I met a guy at a bar and went to his place for a one-night stand. He could have easily been a model. I vaguely remember him mentioning that he was 'born again' and laughing about it. Well, he wasn't joking. The next morning, he was still asleep when I woke up (hungover), and that's when I noticed that one of his bedroom walls was completely covered in thousands of random Bible verses he'd apparently cut out of different Bibles and some he'd written on little bits of scrap papers. They all seemed haphazardly glued, taped, or thumb-tacked to the wall. His ceiling fan made some of them flap around like butterfly wings. And nope, it wasn't 'artistic.' Weirdly, the rest of his apartment was 100% frat bro normal, from what I could see as I tip-toed the heck out of there."

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14."He was luring me to the bedroom, and I started to give in. I wasn’t that into him, though. The door opened, and his room was neat and tidy, but he had a hammer on the nightstand. I noped out of that apartment immediately. (He claimed he had been hanging curtains, which he might have been, but it freaked me out because he already had some pushy creep vibes). Fellas, if you want to impress a girl by doing some quick home improvements, don’t leave something beside the bed that you can bludgeon her with. I’m sure a real murderer would hide it in the drawer, but I had no reason to trust this pushy dude in the first place."

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15."I went to a guy's place for the first time. He shared a studio with another guy, and his designated space happened to be in the kitchen. We sat on his cot facing the stove when he reached over to the microwave, opened it, and pulled out a bowl of what I can only assume was three-day-old Spaghetti-os. Nastiest thing I’ve ever seen. And then he proceeded to chow down on it. I couldn’t leave fast enough."

—Kimberly, 35

16."A woman’s lingerie panty in one of his drawers, which he claims belonged to his aunt when she came to stay over once. I never believed that, but he was still staying with his parents, so a part of me wanted to think that maybe laundry got mixed up, but nope, he was still seeing his ex-girlfriend."


17."He had boxed action figures and cheap collectibles EVERYWHERE. He had an entire hallway from floor to ceiling with mass-made boxed collectibles. I felt so claustrophobic and uncomfortable with THOUSANDS of eyes staring at me. After 20 minutes and finding a four-foot statue of a movie character in the bedroom, I made a dumb excuse and left his place. I never went back there."

—C, 34

18."He had those glow-in-the-dark stars all over his ceiling and curtains. It wasn't a red or green flag, but it was kind of nerdy."


19."I was impressed by how clean and tidy his apartment was (he was in his 30s) and how everything made sense. He had matching silverware, he had nice dining chairs, a coffee table, towels without holes, and real curtains. I thought I found a unicorn. The joke is on me, he used a cleaning service. Turns out he’s a bit of a slob."


Do you have a story to share about a guy's room? If so, share it with me in the comments below!