The $25 heated gloves you won't want to take off this winter

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Woman wearing warm winter clothes, hiding her eyes with hands in gloves,
Winter is well and truly here, Credit: Getty Images

At the moment, a daily walk, run or bike ride is the only way many of us are able to get outside.

A pair of gloves in your pocket can make exercise - particularly early in the morning a little bit more bearable.

Whether you want gloves specifically for exercising in, heated gloves to keep your hands extra warm, or fingerless gloves to give you some extra movement, we've rounded up the best of the bunch.

Fingerless gloves

Fingerless gloves can be a great way to keep your hands warm while still being able to go about your daily tasks. Ideal for cycling, driving, or even wearing at home while on the computer, they're a great half-way house if you want to stay warm, but still be able to do things.

Look for fingerless gloves that are either made from thermal yarn or wool to keep your hands extra warm. They're also great for children as they allow some more movement - and are easier to put on too!

Heat Holders Women's Thick Warm Cold Weather Winter Thermal Fingerless Gloves
Heat Holders Women's Thick Warm Cold Weather Winter Thermal Fingerless Gloves, $19.99, are made from specially developed thermal yarn that gives insulation against the cold. Credit: Amazon
MORGAN & TAYLOR Pandora Gloves
MORGAN & TAYLOR Pandora Gloves, $31.96, are woollen gloves that look chic and keep you warm. Credit: The Iconic
Rib Knitted Fingerless Mittens Kip and Co
Keep kids and teens - or small hands - warm in these Kip&Co Rib Knitted Fingerless Mittens, $35. Credit: The Iconic


Smart gloves

Although much of the country isn't getting dressed up and going out anywhere at the moment, a pair of smart gloves can really make an outfit during winter.

Ditch the fluffy, worn out gloves you've had for years, and invest in a pair of leather, suede or pure wool gloves to really elevate an outfit. Even if you're not going anywhere anytime soon, wearing them will make you feel a little bit special - and they'll keep for next winter as well.

KATE & CONFUSION Aspen Suede and Leather Gloves
KATE & CONFUSION Aspen Suede and Leather Gloves, $129.95, are made from gorgeous velvety soft Nappa leather on one side, with suede leather the upper part of the hand. They're handmade in Italy. Credit: The Iconic
AGNELLE Chloe Woven Leather Gloves,
Up the ante in these Agnelle Chloe Woven Leather Gloves, $271.13. Woven from strips of supple black leather and lined in soft cashmere, they have logo-engraved snap fastenings at the cuffs. Credit: Net-a-porter
KATE & CONFUSION Lurex Stripe Gloves
Stay cosy and chic in these KATE & CONFUSION Lurex Stripe Gloves, $39.95. They're made in Italy from a wool and alpaca blend luxury knit and have a lurex stripe on the cuff. Credit: The Iconic


Heated gloves

No, it's not a joke - you can now buy heated gloves keep your hands warm all day long.

There's usually have a battery in each glove that fits in a pocket on the outside of each hand. When the battery is turned on, an electrical current runs through the wires and heats them up.

They have built in safety features to ensure the heating element is shut down if the wires short circuit.

Fingerless heated gloves often work best, as they aren't as restrictive. If you're after a more lo-fi option, some gloves have a pocket for heat warmers.

These disposable packets contain a mix of iron, water, activated carbon, vermiculite, cellulose, and salt, which release heat when exposed to the air. They're a good alternative if you don't want to plug in, but aren't rechargeable.

USB Heated Gloves for Men and Women Mitten,
These USB Heated Gloves for Men and Women Mitten, $25.08, are made from wool, but plus into a USB port to heat the fabric so you can stay warm. You can stay plugged in while you work, or pre-heat them before you go outside. They come in both men's and women's sizes. Credit: Amazon
DERCLIVE USB Heated Mitt Winter Warm Knitted Gloves
DERCLIVE USB Heated Mitt Winter Warm Knitted Gloves are $10.35. They have heating pads on both sides of the gloves so thet warm your hand all round. Credit: Amazon
HotHands Heated Fleece Gloves
HotHands Heated Fleece Gloves, $30.08, have integrated pockets that hold HotHands warmers in place. These small warmers are designed to give lasting heat over around eight hours, and are odourless and environmentally friendly. Credit: Amazon

Running gloves

Keeping your hands warm while you're running can make exercising a lot more pleasurable, as well as protecting your hands from wind and rain.

Look for lightweight materials that are windproof and breathable, and also provide some thermal insulation. Make sure they fit well too - a running glove that's too big will be annoying, one that's too small will be tricky take off if it's wet from rain or sweat.

Many running gloves now have small grip details which help you keep hold of a water bottle. and touchscreen friendly fingertips, so you can still use your phone while you're out and about.

Kalenji Tactile Running Gloves, $10.00,
These best selling Kalenji Tactile Running Gloves, $10.00, are brushed inside for insulation from the cold, and have a conductive fabric on the index fingers and thumbs so you can use your smartphone without taking them off. Credit: Decathlon
2XU Run Glove, $35.00
The 2XU Run Glove, $35.00, is made from a lightweight, brushed thermal fabric, that is moisture-wicking and touch screen compatible. Credit: Decathlon
APRÈS VÉLO, Les Héritage Fingerless Gloves,
If you're more into cycling than running, don't go past these cool APRÈS VÉLO, Les Héritage Fingerless Gloves, $34.95. They are made from supple leather with a padded palm for comfort while you're riding. Credit: The Iconic

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