"Harry Potter" Actor Jessie Cave Called Out Miriam Margolyes' Comments About Adult Fans Of The Series

"Harry Potter" Actor Jessie Cave Called Out Miriam Margolyes' Comments About Adult Fans Of The Series

Harry Potter alum Jessie Cave reacted to costar Miriam Margolyes' comments on adult fans of the franchise.

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Last month, the actor behind Professor Sprout caught attention when she said, “I worry about Harry Potter fans, because they should be over that by now. You know, I mean, it was 25 years ago, and it’s for children. I think it’s for children. But they get stuck in it.”

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Jessie, who played Lavender Brown in the franchise, was asked at a recent panel alongside Devon Murray, who played Seamus, about Miriam's words and ongoing Harry Potter fans. She replied, “It’s such a shame that that happened. You know how she is — she’s just a bit funny."

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"I think she didn’t mean for it to be taken like that, I hope," Jessie continued, insinuating that Miriam had called adult Potterheads "weird." She added, "That's terrible. I really don’t like that she said that.”

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"It's just such an amazing thing, what Harry Potter has done. It's created a community, it's created a fanbase that has aged and is still bonded through this thing and it's passed on to younger people and younger generations, and that's what's so amazing. She probably just doesn't understand that, she probably doesn't get that, that's okay. Let her be," Jessie continued, calling the situation "unusual."

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Meanwhile, She Who Shall Not Be Named is currently in the midst of a Twitter rant calling trans women men.

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