So...What Happens in Francesca's 'Bridgerton' Book? Here's How Her Love Story Goes

What Is Francesca's Story in the Bridgerton Books?Netflix

Contains spoilers for Bridgerton

After what feels like a true eternity, Bridgerton is finally back on our Netflix screens for season three. And this season, as well as the steamy development of Penelope and Colin's relationship, we also get the start of a romance for Francesca. But is John her true love? And does this storyline match up with the books?

In case you've been too swept up in the Polin of it all (fair) and need a quick refresher on what's happened so far this season, then consider us your official Lady Whistledown.

The series kicks off with Francesca (now played by Hannah Dodd) making her debut in society, and unlike her elder sister Eloise, she is happy to be introduced to the marriage mart, and seeks to get married soon. Not because she desires to fall in love but so the whole business can be over with and she can get back to her music.

While she entertains a few suitors, she doesn't form a connection, until she meets a man named John who she can stand in comfortable silence with outside the ball. He later comes to call on her and introduces himself as John Stirling, Earl of Kilmartin. John then later gives Francesca a newly arranged piece of music that fits her style perfectly.


So who exactly is John? And what happens in Francesca's story in the original Bridgerton books? Here's what you need to know.

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Who Is John in Bridgerton?

In the series we first meet John aka John Stirling, Earl of Kilmartin in episode three and he later goes onto meet up with Francesca several more times. Calling at her house, running into her in the street and later giving her a newly arranged piece of music.

In the book John is Francesca's husband, so wait does this mean we're already getting Francesca's love story and she's missing her season? Um, yeah not quite, read ahead (if you dare).

What Happens in Francesca's Bridgerton Book?

As you may well know each season of Bridgerton is based on one of the books written by Julia Quinn, about the eight Bridgerton siblings. The first was about Daphne's story, then season two was Anthony's story and now on season three we're following Colin's book.

In Francesca's book, called When He Was Wicked, she is married to John and while she loves him, their love story is not the central focus of the book.

Sadly John dies two years into their marriage, having complained of a headache one morning and is later found dead later that day.

Francesca's love story is actually with John's cousin Michael, who falls in love with her the moment he sees her, which just so happens to be 36 hours before her wedding to John. However, as she is getting married to John he doesn't do anything.

After John's death Michael immediately became the Earl of Kilmartin, but he leaves for India and leaves Francesca in charge of the estate. Four years later and following her grieving period Francesca returns to London to find a husband, right at the same time as Michael does.

Now of course we're not going to give everything away, as that really would be spoiling it, but basically don't get too attached to John and Francesca's love story in season three as it sadly won't be lasting forever.

Bridgerton season three is available on Netflix now

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