Guy Sebastian opens up about 'self doubt' 20 years after Australian Idol win

Yep, it's been two whole decades since angels brought him here.

Guy Sebastian has celebrated his iconic music career with a heartfelt Instagram post commemorating 20 years since his life changed after winning the first-ever series of Australian Idol.

Yep, it's been 20 whole years since Guy beat Shannon Noll in the singing competition and released his rendition of 'Angels Brought Me Here' as his first-ever single. A long and winding journey, indeed.

He's gone on to have a wildly successful music career as well as appearing as a judge on numerous talent shows like The Voice and The X Factor.

Spotify recently revealed that Guy has been streamed over 530 million times on the app, nabbing the top spot as the most-listened-to Australian Idol artist locally, with 275 million streams being Australian.

Guy Sebastian on The Voice
Guy Sebastian. Photo: Seven

Guy took to Instagram on November 19 to reflect on his amazing achievements over the last two decades.

"Today marks 20 years since my life was forever changed,” he wrote, on the anniversary of winning Australian Idol.

“What has never left my heart is knowing that I got my start because so many Aussies not only believed in me but spent their own money and time to vote for me on Idol," he continued.


“The musical opportunities that have flowed into my life since that door was opened has been something I could never have scripted."

Guy then opened up about some of the tougher times throughout his time in the public eye.

"Looking back, I was very green, insulated and in many ways naive to the many realities of the world and especially the music industry,” he said.

“Of course, through the many highs, there have been some rough patches.

Australian Idol's Shannon Noll Guy Sebastian
It's been 20 years since Guy Sebastian won Australian Idol. Photo: Network 10

“Many times I’ve doubted whether I was built for this, but those moments of self-doubt always got drowned out by the unwavering love and belief from my fans."

Guy went on to thank his wife, Jules, and children.


“Having Jules by my side has anchored me to the things that truly matter. Hudson and Archer have completely melted me, I didn’t know I could love that much," he wrote.

He then dropped some news that will no doubt make his fans very happy — new music AND a brand new rendition of 'Angels Brought Me Here, Again'.

"I can’t wait to share the next chapter of songs I’ve been working so hard to shape,” he said.

A lot of people were quick to congratulate Guy on his stellar innings.

"Glorious. You don’t accidentally stay working and relevant for 20 years. It’s important to acknowledge that you got passed a ball and have been running through front rower after front rower this whole time," former Australian Idol host Osher Gunsberg commented. "Love you man. I’m coming around to your place with @jamesmathison later to let off some glitter cannons."

"Forever a classic!" Dami Im commented.

"GOAT," Ricki-Lee Coulter said.

"Love you mate," Rob Mills said. "And so freaking proud of everything you’ve achieved."

"Very, very proud of you my love," Guy's wife Jules Sebastian said.

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