'Gross' invite dictates guest's meal based on value of their gift

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A supposed wedding invite that allocates guests their meals based on the value of their wedding gift has caused a stir on social media.

A photo of the invite was shared on Facebook with the caption, "This wedding invite offers different meals depending on how much your gift cost".

A 'wedding invite' appears to dictate what meal guests will be served depending on the value of their wedding gift
A 'wedding invite' appears to dictate what meal guests will be served depending on the value of their wedding gift. Photo: Reddit.

Food for thought

Interestingly, nowhere on the invite does the word 'wedding' appear but we'll get to that a bit later.

But back to the invite — it begins with a space for guests to write their names before instructing said guests to declare how much cash they dropped on their gift for the happy couple.

"So that we may prepare your preferred dinner, please circle your gift level and indicate a meal choice for each person in your party," it reads.


Then follows a breakdown of the different gifting tiers — from 'Loving Gift' to 'Platinum Gift' — and the corresponding menu items that guests are entitled to order.

The lowest rung is for guests who give a 'Loving Gift' worth up to $250. This group qualifies for either a roast chicken or swordfish dish.

Next is for 'Silver Gift' givers who dug deeper and spent $251 to $500 and are therefore permitted to pick from the 'Loving Gift' menu or choose sliced steak or poached salmon.

A collection of wedding gifts wrapped in colourful paper and with coloured ribbons and bows
Would you spend more on a gift to get a better meal? Photo: Getty Images.

'Golden Gift'

Nearing the top is the 'Golden Gift' category for gifts valued at $501 to $1,000. Again, guests in this tier can order from their lower-tiered fellows or tuck into filet mignon or lobster tails.

Those big spenders with $1,001 to $2,500+ to spare fall into the 'Platinum Gift' VIP section and will dine on 2lb (just under 1kg) of lobster and sip from a souvenir Champagne goblet.

It all seems rather straightforward however there are a few caveats. An asterisk after 'Platinum Gift' states that 'vegetarian and Kosher meals are available at this level,' which presumably means lower tiers are not offered the same options.

A second asterisk reiterates that the souvenir Champagne goblet is 'only available at the Platinum Gift level'.

Schitt's Creek gif
Schitt's Creek gif

'Gross in so many ways'

The comments started flooding in after the invite was posted on Facebook, with many users sharing the cheeky ways they'd try to thwart the gift/meal system.

"I would mark the platinum gift, select the 2 lbs of lobster and bring a $50 gift card in a card with no name," one user joked.

"I’d show up with no gift and McDonald’s purely out of spite," added another.

"I would be getting the Platimum Gift meal because the gift of my presence at the wedding would be priceless," quipped a third.

One user wasn't pleased with the way the option for dietary requirements was restricted to the highest tier only.

"This is gross in so many ways but what’s especially gross is that vegetarian and Kosher meals are only available if you spend over $1000," they remarked.

Another Facebook commenter turned everything on its head by declaring, "I am 99 percent sure this is a high-end, fundraising gala invite. Not a wedding invite."

Even if it is, in fact, an invitation to a fundraising event, some people were still unimpressed.

"For those saying it is a charity gala, even so, this is not the way to do a charity gala," one user wrote. "I worked for a nonprofit for 5 years that had a gala every year. Everyone gets the same meal, unless gluten-free or vegetarian.

"Plus Kosher and vegetarian meals are only offered at the highest level is f***ing ridiculous for people who have those needs. That’s not how you encourage people to donate their money to your organisation."

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