Groom slammed over shocking wedding outfit: 'Dressing like some middle schooler on the way to gym'

"I’d be so hurt if my partner made it so obvious that he wasn’t putting even an iota of effort into the wedding day."

Groom slammed online for wedding outfit
A groom has been slammed online after failing to put any effort into his wedding outfit. Photo: Reddit/stem_ho

Not every wedding is a black-tie event, but usually, the couple getting married puts in a bit of effort to scrub up for their big day, right? Not necessarily, it would seem!

A groom is being slammed online after showing up to his own wedding in what appears to be sportswear – a red Nike T-shirt, basketball shorts, sneakers and a cap. The bride, meanwhile, wore a white lace dress.

One Redditor shared a screenshot of the newlyweds to the WeddingShaming Subreddit, which showed the bride's caption read: "Today was MY day!!!!! We did it... 13 years later and I married my forever partner."


"13 years together and he can't even manage some nice jeans," the Reddit user lamented. "Ugh I try so hard not to judge, but after 13 years together you'd think the groom could put in a little more effort than dressing like some middle schooler on the way to gym."

Other Reddit users were shocked by the outfit, with one user writing, "This is giving 'I begged him to propose for a literal decade and he only finally agreed when I gave him an ultimatum'."

"Literally, I’d be so hurt if my partner made it so obvious that he wasn’t putting even an iota of effort into the wedding day," another agreed.

"Seriously. I'm not big on the whole huge, spectacular wedding idea. But this lady was obviously very excited for 'her day' and bro couldn't even manage some dark jeans and a button up," a third said.

"Ok, so this... Whatever he's wearing, wouldn't be acceptable for even going on a date. I hate it. I hate all of it," someone else wrote, adding the outfit was "depressing".

"This is me and my man on the day to day. I like clothes and he really doesn’t," one woman shared. "When we go somewhere nice, he at least puts some damn pants on but he dresses like Adam Sandler typically. Honestly, it drove me crazy for a long time and I have over time gotten him to upgrade his wardrobe and dress appropriately. He doesn’t care about clothes but he cares about me."


"As a bridal stylist, I see this A LOT sadly," another revealed. "What’s really sad, we have had prison weddings/post prison weddings where the groom dresses better than this one."

Many others said that the groom hadn't "matured past his teenage years" and said they believed the marriage wouldn't last longer than a year or two.

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