Your Grill Is The Secret To A Totally Upgraded Banana Split

Banana split on a table
Banana split on a table - Grandriver/Getty Images

While the origins of the banana split may be up for debate, the fact that grilling this type of fruit before you build your dessert is going to make it taste better is well-known. A traditional version consists of three scoops of vanilla ice cream nestled between two banana halves and a drizzle of chocolate, strawberry, and pineapple toppings, then topped with whipped cream. However, a grilled banana split sundae calls for the fruit to be grilled so it's warm and the sugars caramelize and make it an even sweeter experience.

The secret to making this grilled treat is to leave the banana in its skin so the peel can protect its delicate interior, as the flame softens it and imparts a smoky element. As it heats up, the peel will turn black on the outside, and on the inside the starches will sweeten and the banana will loosen from its thick, yellow casing. But before you place this fruit on the grill, there is a little prep that needs to take place.

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Use Under-Ripe Bananas

Ice cream and a grilled banana
Ice cream and a grilled banana - Seva_blsv/Getty Images

Before you get started, you need to select your bananas. You want to use those that are not fully ripe which will help them stand up to the heat better than those that have already fully matured and are ready to eat. The kind that is on the softer side risks turning overly mushy on the grill so if the peel has started to turn black, save those for your banana walnut bread.

Once you have chosen the right type, it's time to make some cuts. Score the fruit's peel with a deep cut lengthwise on the side that curves like a boat which will allow steam to escape as it cooks on the grill but it also gives you access. Then you can brush it with butter and place chocolate inside the peel if you want to melt it with the banana. Once it has cooked on the grill for about seven minutes, the skin will be dark and your banana will be ready to pile on some ice cream and toppings.

How To Get The Grate Marks

Bananas on a grill
Bananas on a grill - Fetrinka/Getty Images

If you want to get those coveted grate marks on the actual fruit, you should cut it straight down the center so you can see the cross-section of the inside but with the peel still intact. This will allow you to brush some butter onto the banana, sprinkle it with sugar, or even a little bourbon or rum before you place it on the grill if you want to make an adult version. Getting those marks doesn't take long — two minutes will do the job. After you get them, place the banana on the grill, making certain to place the skin side on the grate to cook for a few more minutes and you're ready to enjoy.

If you find that you like the way grilled fruit tastes when you make your banana split, then you may want to also try grilling pineapple, peaches, or even watermelon. The possibilities are endless.

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