Grant and Chezzi Denyer slam 'disgusting' and 'gross' affair rumours

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Grant Denyer and his wife, Chezzi Denyer, have blasted New Idea magazine over its front page article suggesting the 44-year-old is having an affair with his 22-year-old Dancing With The Stars partner.

The article was accompanied by the front page slogans ‘Grant Denyer Caught Out’, as well as “Chezzi’s Heartbreak’ and ‘Shock New Photos’.

Grant Denyer and his wife, Chezzi Denyer
Grant Denyer and his wife, Chezzi Denyer, have hit back at affair rumours. Photo: Instagram/Grant Denyer

The photos inside the magazine show Grant with his hand on his dance partner Lily Cornish’s thigh during a break from rehearsals of the Channel Seven show.


Chezzi took to Instagram to call out the publication, writing: “What the actual hell is this front page crap New Idea”.

She went on to say: “Right before this little ‘she’ll be right’ leg pat … I was on the phone with them also consoling Lilz… but where’s all the other photos New Idea?”

Grant Denyer and Lily Cornish
Grant is set to appear on Dancing With The Stars with his dancing partner, Lily Cornish. Photo: Instagram/Grant Denyer
Chezzi Denyer blasts affair rumours on Instagram
Chezzi Denyer hit out at New Idea on her Instagram account. Photo: Instagram/Grant Denyer
Chezzi Denyer and Grant Denyer affair rumours
Chezzi said she was also consoling Lilly. Photo: Instagram/Grant Denyer

Chezzi asked where the photos were of her and Grant FaceTiming each other or the ones of “some tears and a big hug and pat on the back?”.

“Lilz is like our adopted daughter. We grew extremely close during her month long stay with us here in Bathurst. We absolutely adore her,” Chezzi said.

Chezzi Denyer on Grant Denyer cheating rumours
She said Lily is like their 'adopted daughter'. Photo: Instagram/Grant Denyer
Grant Denyer on cheating rumours on Instagram
Grant Denyer also took to his Instagram account to blast the rumours. Photo: Instagram/Grant Denyer
Grant Denyer on cheating rumours with Lily Cornish
He called the rumours 'f***ing sad'. Photo: Instagram/Grant Denyer

She called the context of the pictures and the headline “gross and really mean”.

Grant also took to his Instagram Stories to call the article “savage”, saying that while he doesn’t usually bother to respond to articles like this, he’s sticking up for Lily as “this kind of treatment is brutally unfair and disgusting”.

“I’m a Dad of 3 girls. And if any friend is having a bad day or a tough time in their life, I’m going to be there for them. End of story,” he said.

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