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Going to the Eras Tour? Swifties love this $11 friendship bracelet kit

In case you missed it, friendship bracelets are back and better than ever thanks to Swifties — and they're an important part of attending any Taylor Swift Eras Tour show. The singer is in the middle of the 2024 leg of her record-breaking tour, which means it's time to stock up on your friendship bracelet supplies. When it comes to making Taylor Swift friendship bracelets, Amazon shoppers say the $11 Uoony Friendship Bracelet Making Kit is the way to go.

This set comes with adorable charms, including a heart for your Lover-era bracelets, and a ballgown if you're more of a Speak Now fan.

$11 at Amazon

Swifties' obsession with friendship bracelets can be traced back to a line in Midnights track "You're On Your Own, Kid": "So, make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it." Since then, making and trading friendship bracelets with other fans has become an Eras Tour must. (Super Bowl champion Travis Kelce even made one for Swift — and the rest is history.)

What makes this friendship bracelet kit so great? For starters, it comes with 7,200 glass seed beads in 48 colors, from 1989 blue to Folklore gray. Most other kits at this price come with around 2,500 pieces. It also features 234 letter beads, 16 heart beads, 10 jump rings, 10 silver charms, elastic string, crystal string, a needle and tweezers.

With this many pieces, the Taylor Swift friendship bracelet ideas are nearly limitless. If you need it, here's some inspiration:

  • "In My Eras Era"

  • "13" (for obvious reasons)

  • Your favorite album title, song or lyrics

  • "2 AM" — an homage to Taylor's favorite time

  • "ATWTMVTVFTV," because "All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor's Version) (From The Vault)" just will not fit on a single bracelet.

  • "Junior Jewels"

  • Pull a Kelce and add your phone number. Hey, if it worked for him ...

Taylor Swift friendship bracelets for the Eras Tour
Making Taylor Swift friendship bracelets? Start with a great kit. (Getty)

Of course, Swifties have given this Amazon kit an Eras Tour seal of approval. "These were amazing! I used this kit to make over 100 bracelets for Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour and I still have a ton of beads left! Great variety of colors and the beads were great," said one concert-goer.

"I got this to make friendship bracelets to trade at The Eras Tour," said another Swiftie. There are so many different colors! I do wish that it came with more letters. There weren't enough for me. But I loved the different color combos that you could make with this set."

If you're stressed about making a mess, one Amazon shopper wrote that "the cases close tight so you don't have to worry about seed beads spilling everywhere."

"I got these beads to make bracelets for the people I work with," another reviewer added. "I made over 115 bracelets and I still have so many beads left over!"

A handful of reviewers note that there are some inconsistent beads in the bunch. "You'll come across bad beads here and there, but it's expected. 99% of them are good," shared a final reviewer.

The brand even shares helpful instructions on how to make a beaded flower with this kit. 

$11 at Amazon

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