Gogglebox star unrecognisable in new Instagram photo: 'So different'

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Matty and Sarah Marie Fahd and their mate Jad are firm Gogglebox Australia favourites with their fun banter and one-liners while watching TV together.

And since they started on the show in 2017 we have seen a few changes in their lives including Matty and Sarah tying the knot, adopting their bulldog Bane, the birth of their son Malik and moving home from their inner-city apartment to their new Kingsgrove.

Gogglebox Australia's Matty and Sarah Marie Fahd with son Malik at his first birthday
Gogglebox Australia's Matty and Sarah Marie Fahd at son Malik's first birthday. Photo: Instagram/@matty_ef

The things that haven't changed are their friendship with housemate, cafe owner Jad, and Matty's rugged bearded look that is somewhat in contrast to his sensible and responsible demeanour.

And while Matty has found a look that suits him and that makes him easily recognisable to fans of the show, he didn't always rock a beard.


For Valentine's Day, communications and marketing director Matty, 34, shared a throwback picture of him and his make-up artist wife Sarah Marie on their third date back in 2014 on Instagram.

Gogglebox Australia's Matty and Sarah Marie Fahd & Jad Nehmetallah on an orange sofa
Gogglebox Australia's Matty and Sarah Marie Fahd & Jad Nehmetallah. Photo: Instagram/@matty_ef
Matty Fahd and Sarah Marie Fahd
Fans couldn't believe how different Matty looked without his trademark beard and shorter hair. Photo: Instagram/Matty Fahd

And fans were surprised at how different Matty looked without his trademark beard and shorter hair.

"Omg 😱 u look so different there" one commented. "Matty I didn't even recognize you," another added.

Others complimented him on being able to carry off either look.

"U look good without a beard," one fan wrote. While another commented: "Looking hawt with the shaved head matty no wonder Sarah fell for you hubba hubba happy valentines special people."

While Matty and Sarah Marie's dating history got off to a rocky start, the two have since developed a beautiful and loving relationship, a lot of which played out on Gogglebox.

Matty Fahd with his father when Matty was a child and Matty with his son Malik recently
Like father like son. Matty Fahd with his father and Matty with his son Malik. Photo: Instagram/@matty_ef

They joined as boyfriend and girlfriend, got married in 2018 before having their son Malik George in November 2019.

But while Matty may have embraced a whole new look, there is one thing his beard can't hide, his likeness to his lookalike son Malik.

Matty's Instagram account is awash with adorable pictures of two-year-old Malik but it was a post of Matty as a child with his dad George where you can really see the likeness.

The dark curls, the chubby cheeks and the big brown eyes make the resemblance unmistakable.

And with season 15 of GoggleBox returning to our screen shortly, we look forward to seeing more of his family and their inimitable views of what we're all watching on the box.

Gogglebox Australia premieres on 9 March 2022 on Ten

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