'GMA' Star Ginger Zee Shares Her Surprising Rule for Curating an Amazing on-Air Wardrobe

gma 2024 ginger zee hearst eco conscious living summit inerview
'GMA' Star Ginger Zee Talks Eco-Friendly WardrobeCraig Barritt - Getty Images

As one of the faces of Good Morning America, viewers are familiar with seeing Ginger Zee report the weather while wearing impeccable fashion on the air. While folks might assume she wears brand-new apparel for each appearance, Ginger actually has a sustainable secret to achieving the perfect look for the cameras.

In an appearance at Hearst's Eco-Conscious Living Summit on April 25, the ABC News chief meteorologist sat down with Good Housekeeping's Home Design Director Monique Valeris to talk about ABC's Earth Week initiative (titled "The Power of Us") and how she participates in making the world a better place. When talking about the steps she took to lessen her environmental impact, Ginger revealed she decided to take on the "No New Clothes Challenge" in May 2022, which sees her thrifting for ensembles rather than buying something brand-new. What's more, she noted she started it because the cause was something everyone has a connection to.

"People were like 'Oh, I like your dress,' or 'You look awful,' or whatever it was. It was so much about what I looked like," she said during the event. "I thought, take that thing that everybody responds to — which is very human, and I give a lot of grace now, and I'm so used to social media, so it's fine — but take it and make a statement with it. That's why I took the 'No New Clothes Challenge' about two years ago. It was pretty easy to shop secondhand, or if we knew we needed something."

gma 2024 ginger zee hearst eco conscious living summit inerview
Ginger Zee speaks to Good Housekeeping Home Design Director Monique Valeris at Hearst’s 2024 Eco-Conscious Living Summit. Eugene Gologursky - Getty Images

While Ginger was adamant about being more eco-conscious at work, she extended the mindset into her home life as well. She explained how her eco-friendly processes actually began while growing up on a small farm, and her choices have now influenced the way her husband Ben Aaron (with whom she shares sons Adrian and Miles) thinks about helping the environment.

"Not only has [Ben] been paper towel-less for the last five years, but in the last six months he has surprised me with the creative and thoughtful ways he is being more efficient and thoughtful about energy waste, food waste," she noted. "It's fascinating to watch someone go through this habitual change, because I kind of grew up like this... To me this is second nature, for him it is not. So, it has been really inspiring to watch how quickly habits change."

Although Ginger, Ben and their family continue to be mindful of ways they could take care of their surroundings, the TV personality does acknowledge it could be difficult for people to change their habits in one fell swoop.

So, how does she recommend folks start the process? She encourages people to begin by taking small steps, along with learning to be more mindful with the things they already have.

"The last thing any of us want is for you to feel guilty that you don't take the challenge," she added. "It's not the same thing for everyone. I still have to, once in a while, find things for my kids, even though I try very hard to get them all secondhand. But once in a while you have to, and that is okay. It's not about guilt. It's about pause, the consciousness and then the intention of what you want it to be."

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