Glen Powell's parents troll him at “Hit Man ”premiere: 'Stop trying to make Glen Powell happen'

"It's never gonna happen."

Glen Powell’s parents brought him into this world, and they can troll him whenever they please.

On Wednesday, the actor's mom Cyndy and dad Glen Powell Sr. pranked the Top Gun: Maverick star, showing up at the Austin premiere of his new film, Hit Man, and waving huge signs calling for an end to his career.

Taking a page out of Regina George’s burn book, Cyndy stood behind her son on the red carpet with a sign that read “stop trying to make Glen Powell happen.”

Added Glen Powell Sr. with his own sign, "It's never gonna happen."

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<p>Hubert Vestil/Getty</p> Glen Powell and his parents at the 'Hit Man' premiere

Hubert Vestil/Getty

Glen Powell and his parents at the 'Hit Man' premiere

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In photos taken at the event, Powell can be seen smiling and shrugging his shoulders in response to his parents' ribbing. He later told Entertainment Tonight that he didn’t take their hilarious stunt to heart.

“Well, my family — always, my mom and my dad — are known for kind of trolling me a bit," Powell explained. "I don't read tweets, but my parents read tweets, so if you're talking s---, know that my parents are reading those tweets."

He continued, "They thought that was going to be a funny idea, so I loved it. Even though they troll me, they support me in every way."

<p>Sergio Flores/AFP/Getty</p> Glen Powell and his parents at the 'Hit Man' premiere

Sergio Flores/AFP/Getty

Glen Powell and his parents at the 'Hit Man' premiere

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But not even Cyndy and Glen Powell Sr.’s pleas could stop their son's current ascent. The actor, who recently made a splash in the Australia-set rom-com Anyone but You alongside Sydney Sweeney, already has an impressive list of upcoming projects that include Hit Man, the Twister sequel, and a new Hulu comedy titled Chad Powers.

Powell's parents have trolled him plenty of times in the past. While visiting The Tonight Show earlier this year, he called them "nepo-mommy and nepo-daddy" because they often make cameos in his films.

"At first they were like really excited for me to get new roles and stuff," Powell joked at the time. "Now all they're concerned about is what they are gonna do in the movie."

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