Glen Powell's Parents Just Expertly Trolled Him On The Red Carpet Using A "Mean Girls" Reference

No one can keep a kid's head on their shoulders quite like their parents — even if that kid is actually an adult and they're movie star Glen Powell.

Glen Powell in a white suit and black shirt at the 'Hit Man' Netflix event
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Powell's parents have hit the red carpet with their son before, but they upped the ante on Wednesday night.

Glen Powell with his parents
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A premiere was held in Glen's hometown of Austin, Texas, for his new action rom-com Hit Man, which he starred in and co-wrote. Cyndy and Glen Powell Sr. showed up with signs that lovingly brought their son, one of Hollywood's newest leading men, down a notch.

Glen Powell smirking in a light suit, standing before a poster with people holding signs, one reading "Stop trying to make Glen Powell happen."
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The signs read: "Stop trying to make Glen Powell happen" and "It's never gonna happen."

Glen Powell standing with a woman holding satirical protest signs at a movie premiere
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As pop culture experts might recall, Glen's parents adapted lines spoken by Regina George in Mean Girls.

Glen Powell stands smiling with arms spread, between two signs with playful phrases, at a movie premiere
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Notably, they swapped the phrase "fetch" (a term Gretchen Wieners tries to popularize to Regina's annoyance) for their son's name.

Screenshots from "Mean Girls"
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Glen wasn't the least bit upset by the joke. He told Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet that his parents are known for "trolling" him and came up with the prank after seeing "mean tweets" about their son. "I don't read tweets, but my parents read tweets — so if you're talking sh*t, know that my parents are reading those tweets," he said.

Closeup of Glen Powell
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In fact, he seemed aware of the stunt ahead of time. "They thought that was going to be a funny idea so I loved it," he continued. "Even though they troll me, they support me in every way, in every way."

Closeup of Glen Powell
Nicola Gell/GA/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images

It's good to see Glen and his parents have a great sense of humor. Hit Man appears in select theaters on May 24 before hitting Netflix on June 7.