Georgia Love on how she remembered her mum at her wedding

When Georgia Love could finally announce she had found love with her now-husband Lee Elliott on the second season of The Bachelorette, it was a bittersweet moment.

At the same time as her finale was airing, she and her family were preparing to say their goodbyes to her mother, Belinda Love, who passed away just days later following a six-month battle with pancreatic cancer.

Georgia Love with her late mother Belinda
Georgia Love has revealed how she remembered her late mother Belinda at her wedding to Lee Elliott. Photo: Instagram/Georgia Love

Lee was thankfully able to meet Belinda, writing on Instagram at the time he felt "blessed" to have been "able to meet the absolutely extraordinary woman you is your mother".

When the pair married earlier this year, Georgia and her father Chris made sure Belinda was present for the big day.


Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Georgia shared the many ways her mum was remembered during the wedding and the reception that followed.

"There are a couple of things that we did," she said. "So, we had a photo of mum during the ceremony, she was sitting there on the table where we signed the wedding certificate. And then we took that to the reception as well. So she was there.

"She was brought up in everyone's speeches because she was hardly a wallflower! She would have loved to be there. And I also have a really special gift from my dad is a locket with some of mum's ashes in there and a picture of her and I had that with a little blue bow pinned into the inside of my dress. So she was actually there with me all day."

Georgia and husband Lee tied the knot recently in Tasmania, celebrating in style at a fairytale location. Photo: Instagram/Spoonful_Of_Sarah
Georgia and husband Lee tied the knot recently in Tasmania, celebrating in style at a fairytale location. Photo: Instagram/Spoonful_Of_Sarah

Georgia and Lee's fairytale wedding took place at Frogmore Creek Winery in Tasmania after their original plans of an Italian wedding fell through thanks to Covid.

Speaking of the wedding, Georgia said it was the "perfect" day.

"It was just perfect. You know, so many people said to us in the lead up like something will go wrong on the day. So you've just got to not stress about that, it happens to everyone.

"But nothing did and it was just absolute perfection. We were so happy. We're still on cloud nine, it was just amazing."

When asked how she prepared for the wedding, the journalist said she didn't focus on losing weight or trying to look different.

"It certainly wasn't that hardcore. I don't really believe in the whole kind of wed shred thing that a lot of people talk about.

Georgia Love with her father Dr Chris Love and sister Katie on her wedding day
Georgia with her father Dr Chris Love and sister Katie at the wedding. Photo: Instagram/klove.85

"Lee proposed to me as I am and loves me how I look normally, I didn't want to be with those brides that totally changes. I think the pressure around a wedding day is enough anyway, I don't think that people should feel like they have to change how they look and I don't want to ever look back on my photos and feel like I look different."

She continued, "That said, I probably put my mind in the lead-up to the wedding more towards my health. I didn't want to, you know, get sick or be really rundown or have things like bad skin. So, I was probably just in the short term leading up to it was really, really conscious of myself in terms of feeding my body well, you know, I didn't want to have breakouts from eating a lot of chocolate.

"I wanted to feel good and wake up fresh in the morning and like a protein shake makes me feel good from the inside out and things like that. So, we didn't at all try to shred or lose weight. But I enjoyed kind of feeling fit and healthy in the lead up that that was about making sure I was I felt my peak on my day."

Georgia added her number one tip for looking and feeling your best on your wedding day is to feel good from the inside out.

Georgia described her relationship with Lee after marriage as
Georgia described her relationship with Lee after marriage as "another level". Photo: Instagram/Georgia Love

"I think eating clean and doing all the things that we all know to do to feel good from the inside out. It's just a matter of actually putting your mind to it. It's just doing things like eating proper servings of vegetables every day, it's going to make you less likely to come down with a cold or feel tired.

"And getting an appropriate amount of sleep. That was one massive thing that we actually really put our minds to, like saying no to events. And making sure we're getting eight hours sleep. So we wanted to be refreshed and ready to go for the week of the wedding rather than feeling tired."

When asked if her relationship with Lee had changed in any way since the wedding, Georgia described it as another level.

"When we went back to work something just feels a bit different like sitting at work and kind of going, 'Oh, I get to go home to my husband tonight,' just feels a bit different in a really really nice kind of warm, fuzzy way.

"It's just that next level of knowing, you know, we made those promises to each other that will always be there and it's just I'm a hopeless romantic anyway, but it's really nice."

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