KFC sparks furious debate with controversial change to burgers

Fast food giant KFC has sparked a furious debate among customers after revealing a major change to its burgers amid Australia's lettuce shortage.

The chain posted on its website that all stores, except those in NT and SA, were now using a lettuce and cabbage blend for all menu items that contain lettuce until further notice.

"If that's not your bag, simply click 'Customise' on your chosen product and remove lettuce from the recipe," it said.

"We're working with our multiple suppliers to provide them with support, but we do expect disruptions to continue in the coming days.

"Apologies for any inconvenience caused, we appreciate you all being Little Gems as we work to get things back to normal ASAP."

A KFC burger with a cabbage and lettuce mix.
KFC sparked fury with a subtle change to its burgers. Source: TikTok

While the chain apologised to its customers, many shared videos on TikTok slamming the controversial change.

In one viral TikTok, a customer unwraps their burger showing the cabbage lettuce mix, with a clip from the Yellow Pages ad, "Not happy, Jan".


They also added that it made the burger taste "bitter" and some pieces of cabbage were "as thick as branches".

Other KFC fans piled on, expressing their fury at the cabbage addition.

"First the tomato now the lettuce?! What's next, cheese?" one person commented.

"Yet they don't reduce their prices. I don't want cabbage," another said.

"I'd rather just have no veg honestly," a third added.

The outside of a KFC store.
KFC made the change as a result of the lettuce shortage in Australia. Source: Getty (Getty Images)

The post sparked furious debate, with a number of other customers claiming the cabbage mix tasted better.

"I actually prefer it with the cabbage, it's nice and crunchy," one said.

"It tastes the same, I'm not complaining," another added.

"I rate it, gives a nice crunch instead of the soggy yellow paste of the lettuce they've used for the past few years," a third added.

Subway, Red Rooster and Oporto have been forced to make similar changes to their menu items due to the lettuce shortage and soaring prices.

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