Fruity New Mountain Dew Flavor Is 'Selling Like Hot Cakes'

Mountain Dew & Zero sugar options

Mountain Dew has fans clamoring over its new limited edition flavor.

The latest offering, Purple Thunder Zero, is a zero-sugar iteration of the original product—and from the looks of it, customers have been waiting for its release.

On Sunday, April 21, food blogger Markie Devo shared a glimpse of the new drop via Instagram, teasing, "Oh boy, do we love store exclusives.😅" in the caption.

"Purple Thunder consists of classic Dew with a blast of Berry Plum. I had it in the past and enjoyed it. I’d put it on my top 10 favorite flavors. I wonder how the zero is," the social media post continued, adding that the "limited time only offer" will be available in both "regular and zero, in bottle and can at Circle K and Kroger/owned stores."

Fans of the soda brand couldn't wait to hop into the comment section with their excitement for the release, expressing how they're eager to get their hands on it.

"Let’s go! Finally some more love for those of us who respect our blood sugar levels!" one exclaimed, while another lamented, "Limited time only!? 😭😭 pooey!"

A third chimed in to confirm the hype around the product, adding, "They were selling like hot cakes at the krogers I live near."

Earlier this month, Mountain Dew unveiled news that yet another highly-requested fan-favorite was making a comeback for an extremely short time.

In honor of the 2024 solar eclipse, the PepsiCo-produced fizzy beverage company revived its Pitch Black flavor to the delight (and dismay) of its loyal fanatics.

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