Fritos Brings Back 'Tangy' Fan-Favorite Flavor for a Limited Time

Fritos corn chips

Fritos recently shared some exciting news with snack fans, as the brand revealed it was reviving a highly-requested flavor.

The company divulged its Ranch flavored variety is back at Walmart for a limited time only, this time in a fitting collaboration with popular TV series Yellowstone.

After years of fan requests, the tangy flavor offering will be hitting shelves again, and fans were eager to express how hyped they are for the product's return.

In an Instagram post shared by food blogger Markie_Devo on Tuesday, May 21, the corn chips are described as "tangy, savory and creamy buttermilk-tasting." It also offered details on its pricing and availability, adding, "Fritos Classic Ranch is available for a limited time starting 5/20 in retailers nationwide. The flavor is available in XL and XXVL sizes for $5.89 and $2.39 respectively.👀"

Social media users couldn't contain themselves over the news, with one admitting they've "been waiting for years for this to return. a heaven type of snack. for real for real."

"I love ranch flavored stuff and totally obsessed with the Yellowstone tv series.. I need this and hoping I can find some!!😍," another hopeful consumer wrote.

"I will be stocking up on these," a third confirmed, taking the opportunity to put in another product request: "Now if they would bring back the ranch Ruffles 🙏🏻."

Someone else called the Ranch Fritos the "best flavor," while one disgruntled fan lamented, "why limited time only. this is a fan favorite. why do they make the best products limited edition its not fair man."

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