Former MAFS star in tears as she details reality of 'painful' condition

Lauren Huntriss has spoken out about living with acne and rosacea.

Former MAFS star Lauren Huntriss has revealed the painful reality of suffering with acne and rosacea in a tearful Instagram video.

Lauren, who appeared on the controversial Channel 9 reality show in 2019, took to her social media account with tears in her eyes as she revealed her condition had become so bad that it left her with stinging skin as she tried to get ready for a night out.

Lauren Huntriss acne and rosacea post
Lauren Huntriss has posted a tearful video on Instagram. Photo: Instagram/Lauren Huntriss

“If you think I look sad here, you’re not wrong. I had been getting ready to go out, applying my makeup and it stung my skin so badly I had to remove it,” Lauren captioned the video.

“My face was so sore and red and I simply couldn’t bear wearing foundation. Panic set in, anxiety took over. All I kept thinking was how people are going to stare at me. I tried to keep it together and not come up with an excuse to get out of going out. I had to give myself a huge pep talk this night.”


Lauren went on to say that she decided to film the moment so she could look back and someday be ‘proud of that girl for not letting her appearance ruin her night’.

It’s not the first time Lauren has been real with her followers about the reality of living with both acne and rosacea.

Lauren Huntriss skin condition
The former reality star has been open about her skin journey online. Photo: Instagram/Lauren Huntriss
Lauren Huntriss acne rosacea skin condition
Lauren has previously revealed the reality of dealing with the skin condition. Photo: Instagram/Lauren Huntriss

Yesterday, the former reality star uploaded a make-up tutorial video, alongside the caption: “Your skin, your story. Whether it’s makeup or au naturel, embrace YOUR choice with confidence. Let’s create a judgment-free zone for all things skin.”

Lauren, who was paired with Matthew on MAFS, took to her Instagram account in January and opened up in a ‘vulnerable’ post.

“After several years of managing to keep my skin flare-ups at bay they are back in full swing. Yay!,” she wrote.

“I know I promised you all a NYE Makeup tutorial but to be honest with you, applying makeup to my skin is honestly the last thing I want to do right now.

“I know I’ve said no to a lot of your invitations to hang out lately. The truth is, I start getting ready, I pump myself up… then I look in the mirror and suddenly tears start to flow. I come up with any excuse under the sun to get out of any and every social interaction.”

Lauren uploaded a video of her applying makeup
Lauren also revealed a video where she applies makeup. Photo: Instagram/Lauren Huntriss

Anticipating fans’ questions about her decision to post something so vulnerable online, Lauren continued: “This year I’m turning my weakness into my strength. I’m no longer going to hide my condition or waste another day feeling sorry for myself! I have so many reasons to be grateful and I will be putting all of my focus on those things.”

In June, Lauren announced she had become engaged to her boyfriend of two years, Wade Burns.

She took to Instagram, posting a cute snap alongside the caption: "Today my best friend got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was the easiest yes! I can’t wait to grow old with you."

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