This is the First Dish to Disappear at Tamron Hall’s Cookouts (Exclusive)

If you've seen the Tamron Hall Show, you might be familiar with Tamron Hall's infectious personality and her passion for having a good time with her all-star guests and her audience, aka the Tam Fam. While her interests include music, politics and good books (fun fact: in her spare time, Hall is also a mystery novel author), the one thing Hall has an insatiable appetite for is cooking.

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To share her culinary passion with the Tam Fam and the world, last month Hall hosted her second annual Cookout Episode—and we were lucky enough to be in the studio audience. With a burger demo by renowned chef Joseph Burton and a cooking segment with chef Lish Steiling and Hall herself, the episode is a sizzling way to kick off summer grilling season. While we were at the taping, Parade got a chance to sit down and chat with Hall and the Emmy Award-winning host dropped a smart tip for the best cookout ever: have lots of snacks.

The Dish Tamron Hall Always Serves at Her Cookouts

And when you think cookout snack you might picture something like bowls of potato chips and dips and maybe a veggie platter, but Hall has a signature snack that never fails: trail mix. "We always have a trail mix that's out of this world. It's got Milk Duds, M&M's, dried cherries," Hall said. "I see my guests going home with little sandwich bags of the trail mix."

And although the trail mix is delicious, the snack also embodies what Hall loves so much about cooking and sharing food with friends and family.

"[This trail mix] is one of those snacks that adults and kids love. If you're having an adults-only party, they will worship you for it. If your kid's friends are over, the trail mix makes your kid the coolest kid. That's a big part of my cookbook and really my life. I want as many people to enjoy what I create. With the talk show, we always wanted as many people to feel welcomed to the party."

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Chips are another cookout snack staple for Hall, but she's not just pouring them from the bag into a bowl. "Oh no no no," says Hall. "You're taking your destiny in your own hands with smoky paprika and layers of warm chips."

You can catch up on the 2nd annual Cookout Show episode of the Tamron Hall Show on the show's website. And for recipes for trail mix, potato chips and lots more, be on the lookout for Hall and co-author Lish Steiling's cookbook A Confident Cook: Recipes for Joyous, No-Pressure Fun in the Kitchen when it hits shelves this September.

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