Fire Country: Did Luke’s Bombshell Blow Up [Spoiler]’s Future? Michael Trucco Teases What’s Ahead

The following contains spoilers from the April 26 episode of CBS’ Fire Country.

This week on CBS’ Fire Country — in the wake of inmate Rudy’s escape and the unrelated murders that followed — Three Rock received a most untimely visit from locals who want the nearby prison fire camp shut down. NIMBY! and all.

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What made the protest untimely was it came just as Three Rock fire chief Eve was being interviewed by a news crew, doing her best — with steering from Cal Fire Division Chief Luke — to put a positive spin on the fire camp and the good that it does.

Three Rock, in fact, did some good not long after, when a wayward pickup truck careened past the fence that Bode & Co. were busy erecting around the camp (as an olive branch of sorts to the spooked community) and into a utility pole, sending live electrical wires snaking to the ground.

Three Rock alum Manny saved one protester’s life by shoving him out of the barreling truck’s path. And later, when the truck’s driver needed to be removed from its cabin and rushed to proper medical care, it was Bode — following Jake’s lead — who caaaaaaaarefully shuffled across the electrified ground to carry the driver on a spineboard to safety. Even the loudest protester had to comment on how an inmate had risked his life to save a stranger’s.

All is forgiven, right…?

Not so fast.

The following day, as Eve celebrated the news crew’s flattering report and the subsequent restoration of phone and visitation privileges to her inmates, Luke arrived to deliver a damning letter from the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation.

“I’m sorry but that news report was too little, too late,” he shared. “CDCR handed down the order — they’re shutting down Three Rock.”

That un-dodged bullet leaves us with many questions about the CBS drama’s three remaining Season 2 episodes. Starting with: What happens to Bode, Cole et al when their fire camp is closed? Are they all sent back to the regular hoosegow? Remanded to some other form of “out-inmate” public service?

“I don’t want to give too much away, obviously, but that is addressed,” says Michael Trucco, who recurs as Luke and returns for next week’s episode. “That is brought up in the ensuing episodes.”

But maybe, just maybe, Three Rock has one last trick up its sleeve, to avoid being shuttered forever…?

In the wake of CDCR’s shut-down order, “Let’s just say that there is some damage control, and there are a few unexpected turns in the fate of Three Rock,” Trucco teases. “And Luke again finds himself in the midst of this controversy and this chaos!”

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