Fifi Box reveals which Hollywood star she accidentally ghosted after DM slide

Confessing she's "not great" with social media, it took the radio host weeks to realise she had a DM slide from a Hollywood actor.

Aussie radio host Fifi Box has spilled that a Hollywood star slid into her Instagram DMs but that she ghosted it because she didn't see it in her message requests folder.

During the Fifi, Fev & Nick show yesterday, Fifi said a celebrity the team had interviewed some weeks earlier sent her a private message afterwards but cited that she's "not great" with social media so only realised he was languishing in her requests folder weeks later.

"A couple of days ago I was coming back from Fiji, and I had two hours to kill at the airport. And I saw a request from three weeks ago… and you know when you see a blue tick, and you don’t usually get celebrities sliding into your DMs," Fifi shared. "It was Jeremy Piven from Entourage!”

"We just interviewed him," Fev replied. "We had him on the show two or three weeks ago. Now, what was so funny about this is that I didn’t post a photo of him or reach out in any way… so I’m like, how did he even find me?” Fifi asked.

Fifi and Fev
Fifi and co-host Fev. Photo:


Fifi revealed the message from the star said, "Hey Fifi, that was so fun. Thanks again xx" with Fev saying the actor was "obviously toey" and "having a little play."

Fifi disputed the potentially flirtatious nature of the DM slide, but Fev confirmed neither he nor Nick got a message from the star saying the same thing.

"The thing is that it’s three weeks later… so I can’t even write back!” Fifi exclaimed while Fev encouraged her on.

“Just right back and say ‘hey’… go fishing," he said.

Jeremy Piven Fifi Box
Jeremy Piven slid into Fifi's DMs but she didn't see it for three weeks. Photo:


Last year Fifi said she found love with a "hot dad" from her children's school, revealing she couldn't figure out how to speak to him until one day her then three-year-old daughter intervened by throwing "the mother of all tantrums" in front of him.

“I think I was dragging her across the playground thinking it’s so embarrassing and I looked up at him and he was laughing his head off,” she said.

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