13 Million People Are Cheering On This Man Who Ate Over 400 Cheeseballs In A Bizarre Public Event, And It's Strangely Exhilarating

13 Million People Are Cheering On This Man Who Ate Over 400 Cheeseballs In A Bizarre Public Event, And It's Strangely Exhilarating

Over the weekend, one anonymous New Yorker made very weird history after hundreds of people (or maybe over a thousand!) flocked to Union Square Park in NYC to watch him publicly devour a full barrel of cheeseballs. Following the well-attended IRL event, the whole ordeal went mega-viral online after millions tuned in to the absolutely wild footage from the gathering.

Crowd watching a performer, some audience members hold up phones to record the event
Cruz Joaquin / Via youtube.com

Before we get into the event itself, there's some important lore to dive into to fully appreciate the gravity of what happened. On March 11, the anonymous cheeseball-eater took to TikTok as @cheeseballman427, donning an orange face mask to conceal his identity, and announced that he would eat an entire jar of cheeseballs on April 27 in Union Square Park.

Person in black attire and orange mask holding a jar of cheese balls, text "HUGE NEWS!! I will be eating this entire jar of cheese balls" above
@cheeseballman427 / Via tiktok.com

That first video was viewed over 50,000 times and was followed by a series of videos in which he'd eat one cheeseball for every new follower he gained in the lead-up to the event.

Person in orange ski mask, holding a sign, standing next to a container of cheeseballs

At some point, physical flyers were posted around NYC, complete with QR codes to officially RSVP for the April 27 event.

Flyer on pole with text "WATCH ME EAT THIS ENTIRE JAR OF CHEESEBALLS" with photo, date, and QR code
@cheeseballman427 / Via tiktok.com

According to the Partiful link at the other end of the QR code, over 1,100 people RSVP'd "yes" to this past weekend's event.

Event flyer with text: "I Will Eat This Entire Jar of Cheeseballs" for Apr 27, man in orange ski mask holding cheeseballs

He even had a flag made!

Person in a ski mask holds a jar and displays a large printed fabric with a stylized graphic face
@cheeseballman427 / Via tiktok.com

On April 27, a crowd of hundreds showed up at Union Square to watch Cheeseballman do precisely what he set out to do — and videos of the event have been going majorly viral ever since. One video from TikToker @user530266021160k racked up over 13 million views and a whopping 25,000 comments.

TikTok / @user530266021160k / Via tiktok.com

Here's the play-by-play: After LOTS of enthusiastic cheering and hyping up the crowd, Cheeseballman started by climbing atop a small step stool and shouting, "I am allergic to gluten, and today I will be eating this entire jar of cheeseballs!"

Cheeseballman in orange ski mask and black jacket, surrounded by onlookers

As he ate cheeseballs, smearing his ski mask in a thick layer of cheeseball dust in the process, the crowd could be heard chanting everything from "Eat those balls!" to "Let him cook!" to "Be aggressive, be, be aggressive!" in unison.

Cheeseballman holding up a cheeseball at event

At multiple points over the course of the 20-ish minute journey, he appeared to nearly vomit (but didn't!) and even screamed out in...pain? Disgust? Sheer joy? Or perhaps the scream contained a multitude of emotions.

Cheeseballman shoving cheeseballs into his mouth on a white stool
Cruz Joaquin / Via youtube.com

After ingesting the final cheeseball, he triumphantly raised his cheese powder-covered hand and was crowned with a fabric traffic cone hat while the crowd chanted "Cheeseballman!" over and over.

People cheering on Cheeseballman as he completes eating the cheeseballs
Cruz Joaquin / Via youtube.com

After his victory, he addresses the people: "Uh, my name is Cheeseballman427...why did you guys come here?!" (One person shouts back: "Because you're our god!") He then poses a question to the crowd, shouting, "Same time next year?" So, yep, mark your calendars for 2025, folks!

Reactions to the entire event have been, unsurprisingly, pretty positive! Basically, catching Cheeseballman's IRL mukbang was akin to witnessing history in the making.

Close-up of numerous cheese puff snacks
Larissa Ubilla / Getty Images / TikTok / Via tiktok.com

The accolades just continue to roll in.

Close-up view of numerous cheese puff snacks
Larissa Ubilla / Getty Images / TikTok / Via tiktok.com

And many people online pointed out how oddly refreshing it was to see something this unapologetically silly, joyful, and ridiculous momentarily grab the attention of millions.

Close-up view of numerous cheese puff snacks
Larissa Ubilla / Getty Images / TikTok / Via tiktok.com

Beneath the wave of cheeseball-filled delight, there are a few harmlessly spicy undercurrents starting to pop up in social media posts and comments. Some are calling Cheeseballman a "fraud" for consuming a smaller jug of cheeseballs than his flyers posted around NYC otherwise suggested.

Twitter: @Nick_McQ

To be 100% fair, the jar of cheeseballs that Cheeseballman ate in Union Square was probably somewhere between 13–18 ounces, which is around half the size of the whopping 32-ounce square barrel he seemingly advertises in his earlier TikTok videos and flyers.

Two cheese ball jars labeled with 'likely the size he advertised' and 'likely the size he ate' as a humorous comparison

Others claimed that Cheeseballman "ripped off" Alexander Tominsky (aka the "Philadelphia Chicken Man"), who ate 40 rotisserie chickens in 40 days back in 2022 and held a public gathering for fans to watch him devour his final bird.

Numerous orange cheese puffs in close-up view
Larissa Ubilla / Getty Images / TikTok

Lighthearted "fraud" and "copycat" claims aside — if there are 32 cheeseballs in one ounce, that means he probably ate around 500 cheeseballs (minus any he spilled) in ONE SITTING. Or standing. IMO, anyone who accomplishes such a feat is automatically not a fraud.

If you're as sad as I am that you missed the cheeseball-eating event of the year, I can confirm that Cheeseballman's swift announcement of next year's gathering looks pretty legit. On April 27, 2025, he'll consume "two entire jars of cheeseballs." The description for the event is simply, "I will definitely throw up this time."

A person poses with an orange-knitted mask, with holes for eyes and mouth, where a cheeseball is placed. They are gesturing a 'two' sign

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