FBoy Island: Meet the women on a mission to separate the nice guys from the FBoys

Meet the ladies who will be looking for love on FBoy Island.

Get ready to meet the fearless trio taking on the ultimate dating minefield in Binge's highly anticipated new reality show, FBoy Island Australia. Premiering May 29 on the popular streaming service, contestants Molly O'Halloran, Sophie Blackley, and Ziara Rae are about to embark on a wild ride, where love is the prize and only FBoys stand in the way.

Let's get to know the three brave women on a mission to separate the nice guys from the FBoys.

Molly O'Halloran, 26

FBoy Island contestant Molly wearing a pink suit
FBoy Island contestant Molly considers herself a "relationship girl." Photo: Supplied

26 year old Molly is strong, confident and blunt but also has a softer, more vulnerable side. She’s extremely self-aware and emotionally intelligent. She works as an Occupational Therapist in outpatient neuro rehab and loves baking in her spare time.

Molly is one of four girls and was raised in a strict Catholic family which she always rebelled against. She values her independence and has been taught not to rely on men, however she has always been “a relationship girl”, only ever being single for short periods.


Molly describes herself as a “21st Century Woman” and says, “I'm very passionate about women's health, women's sexuality, juggling it all and looking damn good whilst doing it”.

Molly can’t stand arrogant men and gets a kick out of putting them in their place. She’s attracted to FBoys because she likes a challenge but knows that she needs a nice guy to help her trust again.

Sophie Blackley, 26

Sophie Blackley in a multicoloured dress
26 year old Sophie Blackley is a professional dancer and DJ. Photo: Supplied

Sophie is larger than life, direct and unapologetically herself. At 26 she is a straight shooter who lays all her cards on the table.

Originally from a small town in New Zealand she moved to Australia seven years ago, is a professional DJ and dancer and now runs her own entertainment business in Melbourne. Due to the nature of her work, Sophie is constantly surrounded by FBoys but doesn’t have time for, nor is interested in, casual hookups.

She hasn’t been on a date in three years and isn’t interested in dating anyone she deems is a time waster. At a deeper level she fears committing to the wrong person. Sophie has a busy schedule so needs someone who will fit in with her lifestyle. They also need to be a free spirit (like her), open-minded, secure, funny, active, motivated, a hard worker and have no tattoos!

Sophie would love to elope in Vegas for her wedding and later have a family. Her parents met when they were 18-years-old and are still together, they’re her role models for love.

Ziara Rae, 21

FBOY Island Australia contestant Ziara Rae in a netted green dress
FBoy Island Australia contestant Ziara Rae says she needs a guy who is a mix of FBoy and nice guy. Photo: Supplied

Born in Australia of African American heritage, 21-year-old Ziara has worked as a model since she was seven years old. Being raised by a single mother has impacted Ziara positively. She has a maturity beyond her years – she is confident, calm, level-headed and secure in herself, however, is also a true romantic. She needs a guy who is a mix of FBoy and nice guy – the nice guys bore her, the FBoys play her, she knows it, but she loves the drama, likes the chase, and likes the confidence the FBoys possess.

Ziara is looking forward to pulling the FBoys into line and calling them out on their behaviour. A big thing for her is personality – looks are good but it’s the personality that is going to capture her interest more so than the physical. Old school values impress her – walking next to the road, opening the car door, and letting her go first, which is rare nowadays. Ziara knows what she wants and what she deserves and will not settle for anything less. She will need a confident guy to be able to handle her energy and her career - insecurities won’t last long with her.

FBoy Island Australia premiers on streaming service Binge on May 29.

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