The insane new bikini trend that's getting roasted online

Marni Dixit
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Just because we've been in lockdown for a decent chunk of time, doesn't mean we're not going to get a crazy bikini trend this year, in fact this year's may be one of the strangest yet.

We've seen things like the underboob bikini and the micro-bikini, but in 2020, the invisible strap bikini is the latest look that's getting roasted online.

Chloe Saxon has modelled the new bikini trend - the invisible strap bikini and received some interesting comments. Photo: Instagram/Chloe Saxon

LA-based brand Fashion Nova is selling the new style with see-through plastic straps so it looks like you're just wearing tiny patches of fabric to cover your privates.

UK Instagram model Chloe Saxon has been a huge fan of the micro bikini and has now shown her love of the invisible strap bikini.

One follower asked: "What’s the point in even wearing that? She might as well have just worn the top by itself."

Someone else added: "I want to know how that thing stays in place." Another wrote, "Super super cute but I would rip this in two seconds."

Many others, however, were actually big fans of the bikini. "Everything you touch turns to gold," wrote one follower.

A second called her "stunning" while someone else said: "Epic. Simply the best."

One even called it the "bikini of the year".

It's not the first time Fashion Nova has been called out for their designs. Earlier this month, people slammed them for sharing a snap of a woman wearing a bikini that featured tiny bottoms.

One person commented: "[I don't know] if this should be censored or not."

Another added: "The bottoms look like a gum wrapper." Someone else wrote: "The bottoms are way too small," with laughing emojis.

Another swimsuit style that has been popular lately is the buckle swimsuit.

One fan commented on a snap of the styles saying: "Ok I’m actually into this one." While another simply wrote, "Why?"

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